Verizon has no 5G at my address

I finally got my own cell service, US Mobile uses Verizon, at least for eSIMs. And it’s more like $6 or so more then T-Mobile’s cheapest prepaid plan, there’s a two dollar service fee, then regulatory/taxes. So it’s $12 before anything, around $16 after the fees. But you get unlimited minutes and texts.

T-Mobile’s price might be $10 though, they might include all the fees in it. I’m too lazy to switch to T-Mobile. It was kind of a pain to port my number, she did it wrong. You have to do something on the line with the number that is being ported. Might be easy to port now, if they gave me the info.

My phone doesn’t get 5G in my apartment, or even outside the building.

So thanks for the flier with Verizon 5G Home Internet, it’s useless at this address. Just like their site says, I confirmed it on my phone.

In my apartment, it’s slower then T-Mobile 5G, over 100 Mbps download, and I forgot what the upload was, maybe 15 Mbps. I think the upload on T-Mobile 5G was around 50 Mbps when I did a speed test who knows when. The download on T-Mobile 5G is 200 Mbps or so.

Not running anymore speed tests, it uses too much data. Even if I have a 5G signal, I won’t run a speed test. Only 1 GB of data. And my Comcast went out two days in a row, right after getting my own limited data cell plan. Possibly because I was uploading a ton of data, and Comcast’s network sucks ass for uploading. Had to upload my pics folder to Amazon. Since my Nextcloud is gone.

They have new unlimited basic plans, US Mobile, but I think the cheapest is $35 a month. And I can’t find on the page how much data till they make it unusable. Not paying $35. If I run out of data, no data till next month. If you call my magicJack number when I have no WiFi, and no data, my phone won’t ring.

Who needs data when you are home almost all the time? Hmm, I think their texting + calling only plan is $8 per month, that might be $12 per month after the fees. T-Mobile is a better deal, for $10, you get data too. In case you aren’t at home or on WiFi.

I did get a 5G signal, when on the way to her house. Didn’t do anything though. So there’s 5G in this shithole city in some places.

My phone is on low data mode. It claims I’ve used over 2 GB of data. It said that as soon as I got the eSIM. And it only says that for the personal line. The reason I know it’s a lie, is it says I’ve used data on Pandora for this “current” period. I haven’t used Pandora for quite a while. Last reset March 24, 2020. I should have reset it when I got the eSIM. So I haven’t used Pandora for two years? Nice, I haven’t been on a walk by myself for a long time.

Cheap shared hosting not for me

Mayo Host has issues, I had issues right away. I had to email to get my account activated. Then I found out no secure way to upload files other then the web browser. Good luck uploading a 1.1 GB backup. The limit is 500 MB.

Oh and two nights in a row, the server seems to get overloaded or something. Both this site and my paranormal site went down last night.

The control panel gets slow too.

I’ll cancel it eventually. This site is now back on BuyVM, a cheaper plan, they gave me credit, when I cancelled. BuyVM is more reliable. They have the best terms of any provider. If it’s legal, you can host it.

It’s the 1 GB plan. Sucks, Cyberpanel doesn’t let me create limits. I need to set a CPU limit of 20% or so, so I don’t get suspended. Well, I think they’ll just limit the server to 20-25%.

There’s no DNS, FTP, or mail on the server. You can’t do that with DirectAdmin, or maybe you can, too much work with DirectAdmin.

The DNS is hosted by Porkbun.

SFTP works fine, as root, I went into the sites directory, and got the username in there, and then made a authorized_keys file, with a SSH public key in it. The SSH key thing in Cyberpanel doesn’t work, perhaps it’s because of the type of key.

This entire site was uploaded using rsync. So it’s working.

I wanted a lightweight setup, lighter then having DNS and FTP and mail on the server. I have a third party email provider.

I might email my host, and ask how to limit my server to 20% CPU. Not finding what I want when searching.

If you want shared hosting, anything is probably more reliable then Mayo Host or Host Mayo. Like RamNode, BUYSHARED, Nexus Bytes.

If you hate cPanel, Nexus Bytes has DirectAdmin hosting, without getting a reseller plan. I decided not to make another account on another site, and just use my credit for another VPS. I was thinking about getting a VPS or shared hosting from Nexus Bytes. They could be more reliable then BuyVM. But I still have credit left, so next month I don’t have to pay anything. And possibly a little credit left after next month too.

BuyVM ended up being $7 a month, I got backups and a DDoS protected IP.

Good news, Cyberpanel has backups too, I’m pretty sure my backup space supports SFTP. I’d rather not restore the entire server if I don’t have to.

For my photo online backup, I’m using Amazon Cloud Drive. Better then maintaining Nextcloud. And I’m not sure 1 GB of RAM is enough for all my sites and Nextcloud.

Mayo Host claimed they are moving to a better server. And they’ll fix the FTP over TLS then. I don’t like waiting, and will it even fix the nightly downtime? I can fix my own server now. Don’t have to wait for somebody else to do it. Unless there’s a problem outside of my control, like with the node, or network.

The Mac mini will be uploading all my files to Amazon. I don’t pay for Prime, I’m on somebody else’s, so I have to pay $7 per month for 1 TB of space. The Prime thing is photos only, so limited space for videos. 1 TB of anything I want to upload.

Nobody likes Linux users, so you have to use a different OS to upload stuff. They think you’ll upload 1 PB of photos if they release Linux software. Not everybody. And I’m paying for 1 TB, so they should give those paying for a fixed amount of storage, a Linux client. At least network shares are allowed to be added to the Amazon app.

If that stops working, I’ll just get an external drive for the mini, and copy the photos to it. Hmm, they might not allow that, if they don’t allow network shares in the future. That’ll be a bummer.

Even Nexus Bytes doesn’t allow you to run certain stuff on your server, some legal stuff, like a game server. Why not? They have dedicated core(s) plans. I guess their DDoS protection sucks. That is a public game server. BuyVM doesn’t care. At least not on the dedicated core plans.

BuyVM is no longer reliable

They put my support ticket on hold, and never bothered responding. It was down for around five hours. They didn’t bother to boot it when the server was working again. When I got home, I tried booting it again, and it worked that time.

Might not have been down for five hours if they booted it.

I might move this site to my other server, since that server doesn’t seem to go down.

This isn’t the first time BuyVM has stopped working, it’s been going down a lot.

Just look at UptimeRobot.

First time going down this month, looks like April is when it was going down the most.

No, I’m not writing a script, to try constantly booting my server when it’s offline. That also might make them mad. Just tell them, they don’t boot it, so you had to write a script to do it.

They might have the cheapest block storage, but it’s useless if your server is going down for five hours randomly. That is why I haven’t switched hosts, nobody has block storage for as cheap. A lot of hosts, don’t even offer block storage.

RamNode only offers SSD block storage, and it’s expensive as fuck.

If they aren’t going to provide support anymore, not sure it’s worth paying for anymore. I could just ditch all hosting, and have no sites. Just keep the domains, and the email service.

An online backup of your photos is a good idea. But not sure it’s worth the trouble.