BuyVM is no longer reliable

They put my support ticket on hold, and never bothered responding. It was down for around five hours. They didn’t bother to boot it when the server was working again. When I got home, I tried booting it again, and it worked that time.

Might not have been down for five hours if they booted it.

I might move this site to my other server, since that server doesn’t seem to go down.

This isn’t the first time BuyVM has stopped working, it’s been going down a lot.

Just look at UptimeRobot.

First time going down this month, looks like April is when it was going down the most.

No, I’m not writing a script, to try constantly booting my server when it’s offline. That also might make them mad. Just tell them, they don’t boot it, so you had to write a script to do it.

They might have the cheapest block storage, but it’s useless if your server is going down for five hours randomly. That is why I haven’t switched hosts, nobody has block storage for as cheap. A lot of hosts, don’t even offer block storage.

RamNode only offers SSD block storage, and it’s expensive as fuck.

If they aren’t going to provide support anymore, not sure it’s worth paying for anymore. I could just ditch all hosting, and have no sites. Just keep the domains, and the email service.

An online backup of your photos is a good idea. But not sure it’s worth the trouble.