Verizon has no 5G at my address

I finally got my own cell service, US Mobile uses Verizon, at least for eSIMs. And it’s more like $6 or so more then T-Mobile’s cheapest prepaid plan, there’s a two dollar service fee, then regulatory/taxes. So it’s $12 before anything, around $16 after the fees. But you get unlimited minutes and texts.

T-Mobile’s price might be $10 though, they might include all the fees in it. I’m too lazy to switch to T-Mobile. It was kind of a pain to port my number, she did it wrong. You have to do something on the line with the number that is being ported. Might be easy to port now, if they gave me the info.

My phone doesn’t get 5G in my apartment, or even outside the building.

So thanks for the flier with Verizon 5G Home Internet, it’s useless at this address. Just like their site says, I confirmed it on my phone.

In my apartment, it’s slower then T-Mobile 5G, over 100 Mbps download, and I forgot what the upload was, maybe 15 Mbps. I think the upload on T-Mobile 5G was around 50 Mbps when I did a speed test who knows when. The download on T-Mobile 5G is 200 Mbps or so.

Not running anymore speed tests, it uses too much data. Even if I have a 5G signal, I won’t run a speed test. Only 1 GB of data. And my Comcast went out two days in a row, right after getting my own limited data cell plan. Possibly because I was uploading a ton of data, and Comcast’s network sucks ass for uploading. Had to upload my pics folder to Amazon. Since my Nextcloud is gone.

They have new unlimited basic plans, US Mobile, but I think the cheapest is $35 a month. And I can’t find on the page how much data till they make it unusable. Not paying $35. If I run out of data, no data till next month. If you call my magicJack number when I have no WiFi, and no data, my phone won’t ring.

Who needs data when you are home almost all the time? Hmm, I think their texting + calling only plan is $8 per month, that might be $12 per month after the fees. T-Mobile is a better deal, for $10, you get data too. In case you aren’t at home or on WiFi.

I did get a 5G signal, when on the way to her house. Didn’t do anything though. So there’s 5G in this shithole city in some places.

My phone is on low data mode. It claims I’ve used over 2 GB of data. It said that as soon as I got the eSIM. And it only says that for the personal line. The reason I know it’s a lie, is it says I’ve used data on Pandora for this “current” period. I haven’t used Pandora for quite a while. Last reset March 24, 2020. I should have reset it when I got the eSIM. So I haven’t used Pandora for two years? Nice, I haven’t been on a walk by myself for a long time.