Wurm Online works on Steam Deck

That is the launcher from their site, and what I did survived a system update.

Use pacman with the -r option, and put it in your home folder, or micro SD card.

Partial how to on my other site. Assuming I remembered all the commands I ran. The part it doesn’t have, is downloading Wurm Online from their site and extracting it to your home folder. And assumes you ran passwd.

Only posted a link here, as the other site isn’t viewed by humans. Perhaps it’s blacklisted. Well, the title isn’t very helpful for that post.

I just updated SteamOS, it still works, as expected.

I read about the -r pacman option on some site, I forgot what the option was, so I ran pacman –help, there is two – in that, but LibreOffice Writer is a fucking dick.

After running that, I ran pacman -S -h or something like that. That isn’t SteamOS only, I can do it in Manjaro too. The root -r option.

Probably works for Lutris too, if you don’t want the Flatpak version. But if I install too much stuff, I’ll be out of space on my /home, only around 4 GB free.

It’s Linux, the game works in Linux, you just might have to fiddle with it.

I’d make a video of it running, but I’m lazy. That is a video with my phone, not a screen recorder.