$250 PS5 controller came

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Controller for PlayStation 5 / PS5 I ordered came today. Looks like it won’t go in pairing mode, until it’s charged, or not plugged into the USB cable. So can’t see if there’s a firmware update or anything.

Said to only use the cable it came with, which is lame. They have a special USB Type-C cable apparently. So if you forget, I guess you brick your controller.

How long does it take to charge?

A $250 controller, doesn’t even have vibration, apparently Sony doesn’t allow third party controllers to vibrate. And the controller the PS5 comes with is junk. Why would I want to give Sony more money for their other controller?

No idea if there’s any open USB ports on the PS5, the dongle is plugged in the front. I think there’s a Type-C port on the front, but the cable is A on one end. I just plugged it into my Mac mini’s USB hub. The PS5 is off, doesn’t need to sit idle, while I wait for controller to charge. Well, the Xbox is sort of on, so it might charge something, if I plug the controller into it. It outputs enough USB power in whatever mode it’s in, for the IR repeater thing. The portable drive’s light is on sometimes, not sure if it’s on all the time.

Oh and it didn’t come with a carrying case like the cheaper dead controller I had. Costs more, and you get less, nice. At least you don’t need Windows to update it. If you don’t update the other controller, no wireless mode for you.

Maybe I should try running the software that disables sleep mode on my Plugable HD dock, that’s plugged into the Raspberry Pi. Maybe I’ll kill that too. I already have a solution, make cron run every five minutes, and touch a file. I don’t really want to order another enclosure, so I’ll pass. Also, they might be mad, if they have to ship one item all by itself, when they shipped a bunch of other stuff. Making Amazon mad is fine though, they hate photography.

Can’t figure out why B&H sells more then photo and video stuff. Their site name should be changed. I think I bought a bunch of computer stuff from them too, when I got a new case, and upgraded to the AMD 5600X.

I’ll use Amazon if I can’t buy something anywhere else. The Orange Pi 5 might only be on Amazon. Well, don’t order the Orange Pi shipped from Orange Pi, it takes longer to get. As I was considering downgrading to the 8 GB one, but the shipping could take a long time. And earlier today, that one got prime delivery, so I should have waited until today.

Once World War 3 is happening, enjoy buying nothing. There won’t be anything to buy, as China might ban exports to the US. That’s a bummer for Apple. And for anyone’s bum and/or pussy that needs a vibrator in it.

And I forgot, to use $ in bash, you have to escape it or something. Now to reupload it.

The app might not actually let you update firmware, so if there’s issues, I’m out of luck. You need Windows to update the firmware. Unless the firmware is newer then what’s on that link.

Well, that wasn’t worth $250, yes you can configure the controller with the app, but requiring Windows to update a PS5 controller is bullshit.

They say no vibration because it’s for competitive playing. They can’t add vibration that you can turn on and off to a $250 controller? Apparently not.

Maybe I should try updating it with VM for fun. Then I can get my money back, if it bricks too.

Then I can post a review on both controllers “Bricked by using VM to update the firmware”. Razer can’t make me use Windows bare metal.

According to a YouToot video, you can use the app to update firmware. Hopefully that’s true. I didn’t watch or click the link to video, just read the description on DuckDuckGo. That means my firmware is newer, because it doesn’t match what’s on their site.

The controller would be better if there wasn’t erractic movement, a review mentioned ghost movement, might be the same thing. Depending on the game, you might have a bad time, when it randomly malfunctions. Don’t know if it happens when wired. Maybe there’s too much wireless stuff here, yet Bluetooth controllers work fine. What frequency does Bluetooth use? Don’t know what frequency the wireless USB dongle uses either.

I don’t think you can update the firmware on the USB wireless dongle without Windows. So if the app updates the controller, your USB wireless dongle will remain outdated most likely. Maybe you can with a shitty Android phone.

They charge $250 for this controller, and the wireless has issues. Aiming might be easier, without vibration. Feels like cheating. Until you get the random malfunction.