Does WoeUSB support a disk image of Windows in a VM?

If you make a raw disk image of your Windows VirtualBox VM, and write it with Etcher or dd, you probably won’t get UEFI.

Unless you installed it in UEFI mode in VirtualBox, I didn’t.

Luckily, my motherboard can boot non UEFI, I had to change some bios settings, and it disabled resizable bar or whatever for my AMD GPU. I changed it back to UEFI only after updating my controller.

I’d need to make an image of the USB drive and try writing it with WoeUSB. If I just use the image I used before, it will have to setup drivers again. Using the entire drive with VirtualBox might be a good idea, then I can let it update, while doing other stuff. Otherwise, you’ll be bored in the bare metal USB drive Windows. I’m not switching to Windows, or using it for anything other then firmware updates.

I won’t buy a Razer controller again, I think their primary target is Windows users. It may support the PS5, but it doesn’t support updating the firmware without Windows.

Maybe I’ll sell the controller, easier then sending it back, it has a battery, so may not be able to. And they might question me if I ask for my money back on another controller. Except, I’d have to sell it in person.

It’s a disk image of Windows installed in a VM.

The funny thing is, the PS5 controller has to be in PS5 mode to update it with Windows. Yet, clearly their target audience is Windows users. I tried in PC mode, didn’t work.

Somebody should reverse engineer it, and make a non Windows firmware updater. If it bricks it, oh well, it was worth the risk, to not have to use Windows.

And I should have looked in the bios for USB settings, maybe that needs to be changed. For VirtualBox or VMware to work.