DPReview.com is closing April 10th

Bummer, I read it sometimes on the crapper, mostly the forum. Somebody already made a new forum for micro 4/3 cameras. Good news, as I don’t want to pay for better hosting. I also don’t want to moderate a forum, or do anything.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to cancel my Amazon Music trial. It may cancel immediately and I won’t be able to use it anymore, but I don’t care. I think it may have said you can use it until the trial is over if you do that. Perhaps not if you cancel right after signing up though. They want a chance you’ll forget.

I’ll be sure to buy most stuff from somewhere else from now on. Amazon only wants your package to come on the day they say, so they wait to ship it. Sometimes you get stuff early. Says I still have access until the trial is over. Nice.

They’d rather shut it down, then sell it. Massive community. Clearly Amazon never cared about it.

Glad I didn’t buy my last lens purchase from Amazon. They don’t need or want the money.

Did buy three games, for around $40 total on Steam. Two of the games, I think are native Linux. Well one is, I assume the second one is as well. Need to test the Windows and Mac only game. As I might need to get a refund. Or see if it works on the Mac mini, except it says Intel. So probably not very well. All can be played by myself, I think. No cat fishers for me.