Looks like latest firmware fixed Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Controller for PlayStation 5 / PS5

The erratic movement may be fixed. There’s a review that calls something ghost movement, might be the same thing. Think they claimed to be on the latest firmware. No idea when the review was written. The date on their site for the firmware is January 13, 2023. I may never update the firmware again though. Unless I get it working in a VM.

If the review was written on or after that date, perhaps they think it’s the latest, because you can’t update with the iOS app, no idea about Android. The way you update it, I doubt Apple would allow such an app on the iPhone. Even though it’s probably capable of doing so. If you can get a lightning to USB A adapter. My iPad has USB C, I already have a C adapter like that.

I don’t blame them though, I blame Razer, for releasing a PS5 controller that requires Windows to update.

If side loading is allowed in a future iOS, I’ll be getting some nice apps. Ones Apple won’t allow in the app store. Somebody could make a firewall app, that doesn’t require using VPN. An outgoing firewall, that pops up every time you open a new app. Tethering that can bypass carrier bullshit.

Ahh, then the anti Apple people will have to find something else to complain about. Like how Android phones have slower CPUs.

I think it’s my wrist the controller makes hurt. Nice feature. Maybe it’s for bigger hands. Or it’s a weird shape. And aiming is probably only easier, if you use the modifier trigger. But good luck, if you don’t have big hands. Then more then your wrist might hurt. Can you change the modifier to something else?

Maybe the USB hand off thing is supposed to be disabled for VirtualBox and VMware. Probably enabled for KVM. So KVM might work. No way to test it now, firmware is updated.