No wonder I was dreaming about everything burning up

There’s a wildfire not far from here.

I also, remember, the near death experience saying a lot of people are going to die all at once. From fire.

I became a wild man in the dream, with some other people. I don’t think of of us had clothes anymore. But if what the near death experience said happens, you won’t be escaping the fire.

Perhaps if I pack up and leave now, I might survive. Probably not though. And I’m not sure it’ll be slow. A bunch of the Earth, will probably be on fire at once. That is if a ton of people all die at once.

And the Steam Deck turned on two times today. No idea why. Didn’t turn on, on my birthday, not until around 12 AM the next day. Maybe because I was thinking my birthday didn’t matter, so they didn’t wake it up. And if the Steam Deck is waking itself up, nobody is waking it up, a hacker or otherwise, it’s completely random, because it can go days without waking up.

There is one way to test if it’s Steam, open Steam on my Linux PC, and see if it starts waking up too. But it has woke up without Steam open. So has the Mac mini. I think everything just wakes up in my apartment.

Oh and the fire alarms may or may not go off, when the massive fire that takes out most of humanity happens. Even if it does, it’ll be too late. The sprinklers may or may not work, and even if they do, it won’t stop the fire. Maybe it’ll burn up the pipes.

Well, if the wild fire burns this building down, I won’t be getting TDS Fiber, or have anything anymore. If I’m home, I may try to take some stuff.

Is a blood oxygen of 82 good? I don’t recall even waking up. Yesterday I woke up a bunch, but the Watch didn’t record any blood oxygen under 90%. They said I don’t have sleep apnea, so I must not. Maybe it’ll get down to under 60%, I think my heart rate went down to 55 when sleeping, I have a low heart rate when sleeping. I think my grandma does too, and possibly my mom. Is a blood oxygen of 55% good?

Oh I was having sex with a cis woman in that dream. I was hard, but didn’t get off. Not sure she had tits though.

Perhaps I should close the window, but the air quality is fine according to air purifier. That’s how I know about wild fire, the app for it, told me. I open the window either before or after my shower.