Orange Pi 5 16GB

I will most likely buy that, better CPU and more RAM then my Pi 4. I’d get the 32 GB one, but I think it’s out of stock. And you can use a NVMe SSD. I don’t think you’ll get the max speed, but faster then a micro SD card. Unless they have PCIe 2.0 NVMe SSDs.

Hmm, only two available for the one with a PSU.

Somebody left a comment on an answer saying they couldn’t get a GUI, don’t need a GUI. Not sure they said which distro they are using either.

Don’t really want to buy it until next month at the soonest. Also, need to buy a case, from Thailand. Which I might do before I buy the Orange Pi.

It’ll make a nice NAS or file server, whatever you want to call it. Maybe I’ll move Jellyfin to it. HomeKit stuff might work on it too. Keep the old Raspberry Pi too. Then I can back it up to the other NAS.

The Raspberry Pi might eventually get replaced with an Orange Pi too, maybe just an 8 GB one.

I’ll buy a cheap SSD for it, don’t need a big one, or much speed. Just better then a micro SD card. Might go with Kingston.

Only two USB 3.0 ports, so you might need a hub. I have an old one, but it might have issues. So I’d just buy another Amazon one if I need one.

Maybe get a dual bay or four bay enclosure, then you only need one of the USB ports.

You could buy an actual NAS, but for the price of the Orange Pi, you probably won’t get 16 GB of RAM, and the CPU will probably be worse. Not to mention, you can probably do a lot more with it. It’s Linux after all, not a stripped down Linux.