Pillars of Eternity

Says the same people that made Fallout New Vegas made it, I enjoyed that game, don’t think I ever beat it, too lazy.

Native Linux version available. Wouldn’t open, so just kept trying, possibly because of my outgoing firewall. I just deleted the allow rule, not sure why it needs internet, I told it not to collect spy data.

Lots of reading and talking. Not sure I’ll play it much. That makes the game take a long ass time. You can just not read or listen, but then you won’t know what’s happening.

I got the second one too. Total around $22 for those two games. Also got Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition, hopefully it’s not as slow. The graphics look more updated, then the first Pillars of Eternity. Have to test that one, to make sure there’s no issues with Proton. Apparently it likes crashing on the Steam Deck, hopefully that’s Steam Deck related, and doesn’t apply to my desktop. Might work on the Mac ,but says it needs an Intel CPU, no Intel CPU on my Mac.

Total for all three was around $44. I got a bunch of DLC for Pillars of Eternity as well.

Sucks that non Linux game likes crashing on the Steam Deck.

And I should have checked if it’s available for the PS5, since I have a new controller coming. Except, might be more of a mouse game.

Single player games are better, no cat fishers. And no internet needed, unless it has DRM, in that case, you have to crack a game you bought.

Apparently a lot of people hate Fallout New Vegas, no idea why. There’s a funny as fuck guy in it, that I can’t stop harassing. Well, he might be dead now. Did he go on the rocket? Cause I think it blew up. Just talk to that guy over and over, he gets pissed. I should open the game, and see if he’s still there. I won’t do anything else, just want to harass that guy. Or did I kill him? No idea.

There’s a guy you can harass in The Elder Scrolls Online too, if you have High Isles. He was doing something illegal, he gets mad if you talk to him. I find the guy in New Vegas more funny though. And you don’t need internet for New Vegas, unless the DRM forces you to. I probably won’t pay for Xbox Live again. It ain’t worth it.