Almost perfect video to 3D

See the images of it here. The back of it isn’t great. One finger is good though, if I can select just it, I can print just it, and glue it on.

But I might just want to print the entire hand. Which will need a new 3D model, perhaps an interval of 10 wasn’t great, maybe try 1.

I use a tripod + Lazy Susan + video rig + light with a cold shoe. The phone is an iPhone 13 mini, I think. Oh and use the regular lens, not ultra wide or whatever. Didn’t realize ProMovie was set to the ultra wide. That app has more settings you can change then the included camera app. 4k may work the best, higher resolution probably means more detail.

Don’t ask me how to fix the back, other then with more images. And if that doesn’t, good luck.

It didn’t care about my hand and whatever else in the video. Cura doesn’t like the model. Perhaps it’s fine with just one finger.

Neewer Smartphone Video Rig, Aluminum Alloy Vlogging Stabilizer with Grips, Phone Holder, Cold Shoe Mounts, 1/4" Holes for Filmmaking & Video Producti
CAMVATE Handle Hand Grip Stabilizer Camera SLR DSLR for LED Video Flashlite 1/4’’ Black
Genaray Powerbank 64 Pocket LED Light
Revo Hot Shoe to 1/4"-20 Male Post Adapter

I think my mom bought me the tripod, there might be an email with what I asked for, but I’m too lazy to look. It works with actual cameras, if you are using just a phone, then you don’t need that one. But if you have a camera, you might already have a tripod.

And why did my music skip or lag? Thought that was fixed, guess PCIe Bluetooth isn’t perfect in Linux either.

Well, at least I’m finally using that video stuff. The light was bought in 2020, the other stuff probably too.

I need a heavy duty Lazy Susan, 300 pounds supported should work, and I’ll stand on it naked. Motorized as well, so it can rotate me, butt naked.

Then I can make CGI with myself. I just need a lady to scan too, and sign a consent form, consent to do as I please with the 3D model of her. She’ll be getting my penis, and I’ll be getting her pussy. That is probably a pain in the ass to do though. Also, then I have to be hard when scanning myself.

I don’t care that I keep breaking parts, that’s how you upgrade your 3D printer, break the cheap ass shitty ass plastic parts. They should sell it without all that stuff. If the motherboard dies, I’ll replace that too, not with an official one though.

Apparently I wanted to build a 3D printer, not assemble three things or whatever their site says.

I’d recommend buying a printer not assembled at all. And why do you need to do bed tramming with auto level?

Not putting new bed on right away. Need to see if I can clean the bed I have. I don’t think it needed glue on it.

I probably won’t put custom firmware on it, like some link on Reddit says to do. I’d rather not break the motherboard. Might as well replace it with a motherboard with different firmware.

Soldering isn’t hard, just need helping hands, a bronze sponge, and heat things, shrinks maybe? I have the soldering iron and solder. The fan it came with is probably junk anyways.

It’s hard to walk now, after hurting knee. No more dog walking. Or any walking. Maybe I’ll get a wheelchair. No need to go to doctor, as it’ll probably fix itself. And if you need surgery, you’ll be waiting a while.