Can't login to Hulu in AnyStream?

If using Wayland + Distrobox, copy and pasting may not work correctly. No idea what it was pasting. Should paste in the user field, and see what it’s doing to password. Thought I tried manually typing it, but I think I was locked out.

Tried in Firefox a little while after I got up, logged in fine. Last night wouldn’t login in Vivaldi either. Didn’t try Firefox last night. Not really a fan of Vivaldi or any Chrome based browser. Only use it because Firefox has a nice new bug, that only affects me apparently, and I’m too lazy to report it. Or it’s a problem with X11, no idea. Not going to test it in Wayland though. Switching browsers back and fourth is too much work.

To copy and paste, use dotool. It isn’t in the openSUSE repo, so I had to run That should work with X11 or Wayland. It basically types something for you.

sh -c 'sleep 5.0; echo type "$(wl-paste)" | dotool'

That works for me, you need wl-clipboard, which you can install with zypper.

Probably don’t need that in a script, an alias might work just fine. But I’m lazy so will leave it as is, even with the filename “paste_vnc”. Don’t need it for VNC anymore, don’t use it. But I’ll forget what it is, if I rename it.

Now I might need it, if I use a remote desktop from my Mac mini to my desktop. Kind of a pain switching the monitor and keyboard/mouse inputs. You would want to for a game.

Picture in picture on monitor, the window is too small, so not a great solution either. I only need it on the local network, don’t want it working over the internet.

And it looks like the Apple Remote Desktop uses VNC. Not sure I have a VNC client though. Looks like I do, I don’t remove stuff I’m not using, hoarding is nice.

And why do you need Remote Desktop? That might be Microsoft, one says Apple in the app store. Just enable screen sharing, built into macOS. But why was I using NoMachine? Probably for using my desktop, and possibly trying to play games or something. VNC might be good enough for what I do on Mac though. If playing a game, just switch inputs.

Nice scrollbars. Might be because of scaling in KDE using Wayland. And I’m too lazy to change it, I have to logout and back in, or the font might look bad. HiDPI not great over VNC, change it, some no scrollbars, but only slightly at native resolution. So make it full screen. And everything might be bigger over VNC at native resolution, nice. That’s some magic scaling.

Had to disconnect to get out of full screen. Luckily, macOS has an icon to do so. But might be a little slow, so maybe use NoMachine. For TigerVNC Viewer, click F8, you can get into full screen and out of it. I right clicked the window bar, and selected full screen from there the first time. NoMachine is compiled for Intel, bummer.

Maybe don’t use NoMachine on M1 Mac mini. See this. So my Mac mini doesn’t support everything it needs for encoding, nice. But other M1s do. Guess I bought the wrong Mac. So their download page is wrong, saying it’s Intel.

NoMachine seems to work great. Looks good enough. HiDPI might look slightly worse though, if you care, just change the resolution, or tell it to match the window.

And I didn’t allow the server part on my desktop to access the network, so it didn’t want to shutdown, also not sure –stop is right. Just allow it outgoing access, then run sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –shutdown –start-mode manual. Then delete rule for it, so it can’t access internet or anything else anymore. I don’t need to remotely connect to the desktop. Not really remote anyways. Same network, just different computer.