Did you waste your money on a Object Capture API app that only does photos?

I won’t be buying any app most likely, PhotoCatch works fine, and they all use Object Capture API. It may have a watermark, but you can most likely remove the watermark.

But if the app you use only does images, use the below script to extract images. You need ffmpeg, I most likely installed it with Homebrew who knows when.

cat export_vid.sh 
ffmpeg -i "$1" -filter:v fps=6 image%02d.png

You’ll need to mess with the FPS option, depending on how many images you want. Six FPS seems to be the same as the 10 interval in PhotoCatch.

And if you want to specify the FPS when running the script, change six to “$2”. And then after the file, put the FPS you want.

And run it from the folder you want the images in, or edit that part of the script. I just made an images folder where the video is, and then used the full path to the video.

You could make it more automated, make the images folder for the video and store images there.

Now, I’d be more likely to buy an app, that doesn’t use that API, at least it might be worth money in that case.

You could probably write an app in Python that uses the API, but I’m incredibly lazy. And then you can automate the video frame extraction.

Can you use the API from a terminal? If so, you can make a script, which might be less work then Python. Or AppleScript. Here you go, perhaps. And what programming language is that? Is it Swift or whatever? Perhaps that’s easy enough. They provide most of the code you need. How do you export an .obj file?

Getting a Lazy Susan, so I can properly make the videos. Under $10 at Target, with my reward money. It’s a cheap plastic one. If I need to do heavy stuff, I’ll buy a more expensive one on Amazon. The wooden hand or whatever it’s made out of, isn’t really heavy. I’ll be using a tripod. Hopefully my iPhone can get close enough, so I’m not in the video. That might mess it up.

How would you reckon I rotate my penis so I can print 3D models of my own penis? Stand on the Lazy Susan? And rotate myself?