Doing both sides with photogrammetry can be a pain

Apparently there’s two options, use a featureless background, or make a 3D model of both sides, and make a new model with both of them, and align them. Here is an article that talks about it.

And I don’t think cloud in CloudCompare means what I think. Thought it was some online 3D editor or something. The name makes no sense to me. But the program works, and in Linux. I can actually cut stuff out of the model with it.

Couldn’t figure out how to align. Part of the problem is, the bottom side, is bigger. Probably closer to camera.

And I wonder if the background is featureless enough, with it that close, and I think I can just flip it.

FlashBuild 3D is completely free, but it doesn’t have as many options as PhotoCatch. Both in the Mac App Store.

The video feature in PhotoCatch sucks, you can’t see the entire timeline for the video, so if you want to mark a last image, good luck. I doubt under 10 images will get good results. No scroll bar. So no idea how to view the rest of the images.

But I’ll probably use it next time, because it has more settings. I won’t be paying $10 a month for the other features though, that’s a rip off. I would pay a one time fee, but not a monthly fee. And not being able to see all the images is lame.

Is that article old? Perhaps enabling images would help. But I’m too lazy to mess with it anymore tonight. It will scale it, so I don’t think I need to make another video. Would be interesting to see if I can just flip it with it closer though.

I used FlashBuild 3D the last time. The best feature is it has a queue. No queue in PhotoCatch, if you pay you can do two at a time, I can’t though, only 8 GB of RAM.

Now if FlashBuild 3D added the options PhotoCatch has, including the RAW option, I’d pay $10 maybe a little more for it. What settings does the $30 app have? Yes, I can use PhotoCatch for free, but if you have a ton of images, or frames from a video, you can’t see them all to mark one as the last. Might as well use ffmpeg, and delete ones I don’t want.

Oh and I’m going to try using a heat gun and solder butt connectors to do the fan when it comes. The butt connectors I got are from Sopoby, I don’t know if Amazon sells any directly that include small enough ones, shipped by Amazon though. The ASIN for the heat gun is B08VFY8THD. And B07S62KYSL for the butt connectors.

The mini heat gun, looks sort of like a soldering iron, but maybe fatter. Hopefully it works, and the solder is strong enough. As if it doesn’t stay soldered, I’ll have to redo it with a soldering iron. And I need to buy stuff to use that too. My mom bought the heat gun and butt connectors though. I’m running out of money in my checking.

Now I should download the trial of Metashape, and see if it’s any better, and I can use on my Linux PC. Does it support GPUs in Linux? They only list supported GPUs for Windows apparently. The standard version is $179. Might never have enough money though, depending on what happens in the world. It might do aligning as well. I obviously will never be able to afford the professional version.

But I’d pay $179 one time. And I need the education version, only $59. I think my sister is in school, so give her $59. I like buying software that supports Linux. And if it supports my GPU, and is perhaps easier to get the results you want, it could be worth it. Testing it now, just got the trial.

And it supports AMD GPUs in Linux, it’s already enabled, nice. I have a AMD RX 6600. And it froze, trying to import video, perhaps because it’s 4k. I can get the video frames with ffmpeg. It isn’t as simple to use. Do you have to align photos no matter what? It was on a tripod not moving. ffmpeg might be faster on my desktop. Is there something better to use in macOS? Perhaps you can use QuickTime.

I wouldn’t recommend using Metashape without a GPU that works with it. You might need to read their site on how to use it. Said some images failed to be aligned, even though a tripod was used.

So the default settings aren’t magic? Bummer, you’ll have to mess with it a lot, to get anything you want. I see no hand. I may have to take a video differently, or take photos with my camera. They say to use 50mm, I think my lens is 50mm or more that’s on it, well not in micro 4/3 format, but the “equivalent”. Seeing if the frames from other video, that is closer, does better. Or use masks, but editing 200+ images, is a pain in the ass. But a tripod was used, so perhaps you can make one mask.

And it’s much better if the camera is closer. You don’t need masks. Doing the texture is harder too. I don’t think I’ll buy it, too much work, Apple’s API is magic, and does everything for you.