Fans came today

Took UPS until after 7 PM. Did a bunch of delivery people quit or something? It got slow again, or maybe UPS never got faster. USPS took until a little after 6 PM yesterday, but that was Monday. The helping hands came yesterday, got it today though. Good luck getting packages at this building.

Here is a photo of the helping hands, and fan packaging, you can see part of the fans.

Don’t ask me how long the magnifying glass will last, it was tipping over. You have to tighten something on it, now it isn’t tipping over, but maybe it will.

The ASIN for the $7 helping hands is B0002LLWYK. And the things for holding stuff, do rotate, but I’ll just move the heat gun instead. The heat gun says not to stay in one place anyways, and it’s a mini heat gun, might be hard to have it high enough without holding it. Looks more like a fat soldering iron.

Not trying to fix it tonight, should see if the heat gun works first, find some wire I don’t need, and make sure heat gun and butt connectors work. So maybe fix it Thursday, if everything works. Test the stuff tomorrow. Or wait until next month. Why not? I’m broke in my checking account. Can’t order anymore parts, well maybe some wire.

Might need to do something about my hand or hands shaking, not sure if both hands shake or just right hand. But I think going to Amsterdam, to do some measuring would be a better use of time.

That’s what something is called, carpel tunnel syndrome, only remembered the tunnel syndrome part. Left wrist or small bone or muscle has been hurting today. Possibly the muscle going down arm, that hurts if you have carpel tunnel syndrome. Maybe putting part on printer yesterday caused it to hurt, but only my left wrist or arm muscle. And don’t think my left hand did much.