Hole in new shirt already

Thanks to Utah. He had my shirt in his mouth, wouldn’t let go, so gave up, then he was pulling on my shirt. I thought maybe he’d change his mind and let go of my shirt, no I think he was going to rip it off. If she didn’t come in the room when she did, perhaps I’d be shirtless.

Maybe he was trying to remove it, or get me to get off the couch. Probably was doing it, because I wasn’t doing what he wanted.

No money to buy new shirts. So I’ll enjoy the hole. She bought this shirt, I think she bought three total. Now I need four more, instead of three. Or just get three, and keep this one too.

Hold Utah everywhere and cover the hole up with him. He might chew on you though.

And why couldn’t he just get on the couch and sit on my lap like he did sometime after that? Then there’d be no hole in my shirt. Now if I just held his mouth until she came back, maybe there’d be no hole.

Apparently getting dogs to change their mind about doing something doesn’t work. Why not? Probably the same reason they eat grass, and can’t figure out why they have problems. But I can’t figure out some stuff that humans are supposed to be able to figure out. Perhaps I have brain damage.

“other consciousness”, so she doesn’t believe it’s a shared consciousness. Or do different species all have their own shared consciousness? I’ll believe what God told a near death experiencer, over her.

Speaking of brain, what happened to my OCD? I can’t think the same OCD thought over and over again very well anymore. Hard to believe the new medicine does anything for OCD, might make me tired all the time though. Maybe being tired, makes your brain not work, and therefore fixes OCD. Brilliant, but not all OCD is gone. And I’m not doing anything to make the OCD better. So it’s mind boggling.

Maybe I’m losing my connection to the shared consciousness, and won’t be anything anymore.