Now I can see the temperature in my apartment, when not home. It’s a Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075. Had to use a USB Bluetooth adapter though, on the Orange Pi 5, it’s the old Pi 5 with no Bluetooth or WiFi. I should have waited for the new one, that I knew nothing about, or don’t recall anyways.

Luckily, it has a USB 2.0 port, so I can save the USB C port for an external drive. One USB C port is for power only. Didn’t need to open the USB C adapters packaging, I realized after opening it, that it has a USB 2.0 port. I looked on their site to see what ports it has, cause I’m too lazy to look at it. Must have glanced at USB 2.0. But didn’t remember the Bluetooth adapter is 2.0.

Well, that USB Bluetooth adapter is good for something, not good for earbuds.

It rounds up like a dick. It should show .x instead.

You might still want their shitty app, if you want to log all the data. Maybe there’s a way to do that without that app, but I’m lazy.

It’s a plugin for Homebridge. Somebody said it works with Home Assistant, so looked for a plugin for Homebridge. And found one.

There’s a review that says you need to re calibrate after changing batteries. I just make it match my other thermometer, pretty much matches without any adjustment to temperature, or it did. The humidity isn’t right, and can’t be made right I guess. It’ll match for a while, then it won’t.

Well, I’d need to keep other thermometer in the room, longer.

If you want .x, use Home Widget. The free version seems to be fine. No idea what you get if you pay for it, life time is only $10. I won’t be spending anymore money until the 1st though. And I need almost $200 to buy AnyStream.

Apparently Apple didn’t add widgets for Home to iOS yet.

The Apple Watch is a dick, every time it updates, it turns Private Address back on, there goes it’s assigned IP address, and it’s internet connection. Why would I want that on my home network? Yes, people can sniff the air, but I don’t care. It doesn’t even connect to WiFi most of the time, so I should just disable WiFi on it. Not even sure why it has WiFi, since it barely uses it.

The part for the 3D printer came today, but too late to do it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Perhaps I should get another one of those thermometers, and put it in fridge.

They said they set it up without any Govee account. But this plugin wants a device ID, or login info for Govee. I just entered my login info, as I have no idea what the device ID is, or I didn’t, the app might know now though. Didn’t see it in the official app. And if you don’t use an app, you can’t set it to only allow yourself to manage it. I don’t need my calibrating getting changed constantly. I don’t care if they can see the temperature.

It’s in C on the Homebridge interface in a browser, but in Home it’s in F. No idea if you can change it on the Homebridge interface.

Guess I can have a widget for my camera too now. Not really enough room on home screen, already lost the weather. I could just move all the apps to a new page. And make the entire page widgets. Or maybe you need premium for that. And you’ll probably be paying for it, only 10 actions a day, I assume refreshing is an action. So I should use that up pretty quickly.