Hotend came

Got here a day early, and the other stuff I bought. I’ll probably put it on after dinner.

Also got a Lazy Susan from Target, might work better for making 3D objects from videos/images.

Got a nice email, a bunch of numbers, and wants me to open a PDF. Not sure their malware will work in Linux though. Or in a VM running Linux. I marked it as spam, as Google can’t filter all spam anymore. Think it’s an Outlook email, probably why it didn’t filter it.

Just like when you get spam from a Gmail address. Perhaps I should mark all Gmail and Outlook emails as spam, unless it isn’t somebody I know. That is setup a filter, assuming it lets you exclude emails, the ones you know.

Is the nozzle already in it? If so, hopefully I don’t break it, when removing it. I got better nozzles. I did open that non sealed box, but couldn’t tell if the nozzle was on, didn’t remove anything from box.

You can print a turntable, but then you have to put it together. I don’t care if it has a motor, the one I got doesn’t. You can rotate it yourself, unless you have no hands. Not sure how you use a computer without hands though. With your voice perhaps, too much work for me. Telling it to move the mouse up up up up over over over down down down. Don’t say it what it knows, and you’ll have to repeat yourself.

Why doesn’t the Steam Deck wake up by itself anymore? Is it because Steam isn’t open? Or was there an unknown reason for it waking up? No idea. It’s in desktop mode, you can close Steam in that mode. It’s on a dock.

Well, good luck, you’ll need it. Broke the fan, and wires came off of it too. Probably because I can’t remember how the hotend was attached. 3D printers too fragile, so I’ll leave it broken. I did somehow get the nozzle it came with on it, off, eventually.

And hurt my knee, as I put too much weight on it, in the wrong position. The only place to mess with the printer is the floor. Unless I move the tent.

And if you get a replacement fan, you will most likely have to solder. I forgot how to do that, so I’ll have to pass.

Guess I should see if that turntable works for 3D scanning. Not that it’ll do me any good. I’m not buying a new printer.

The site they recommend you find a fan from, may take a long ass time to arrive. No thanks.

Oh and a plastic thing on the thing to plug the tube into where the filament comes out, broke off as well, seems to be secure enough. If you put some little blue thingy on it. Guess that blue thing makes it more secure. You might be able to print one out, if you have to buy it, you probably have to replace that entire part, so enjoy.

Now to order the fans on Amazon, for almost $11. Look for that little plastic thing on there first though, maybe if you buy a tube, it’ll come with one, not the one for hotend. Probably not, as the hotend didn’t come with it, or did it and I threw it away?

I won’t be the one putting it back together though, so if nobody can do it for me, I’ll just leave it in the tent broken.

Redrex Dual Gear Ender 3 Extruder with Nema 17 Stepper Motor Compatible with Creality Ender 3 V2,Ender 3 Pro,Ender 3 Neo,Ender 3 V2 Neo,Ender 3 Max Neo,Ender 5,Ender 7,CR6 SE,CR10,Vyper 3D Printer

Not that expensive, and the part where tube goes is metal I think. Hmm, you might not need motor, if you have one, if it comes with one, I do. Probably easier to buy it with motor, as motor I may have, might not work.

Might just risk it not working with new fan.

Oh and that Reddit upgrade guide is missing a lot of info now, and that link is useless mostly. Lots of 404 errors for the tutorial. Or it never had more info. Thought it did though. They may have had links to fans, not anymore. Just says something about the main board and nothing else.

I found a picture of the entire hotend assembled. That would have only cost $60. But I know how to attach that now. Should have looked that up, instead of using brute force. And I might be printing if I did that, oh well, probably needs a new fan anyways. And running out of money is fun, so who cares.

WINSINN 40mm Fan 24V, Ender 3 Fan Upgrade 24 Volt Fans 4010 Dual Ball Bearing, Works with Ender 3 Pro 3X CR-10S (Pack of 2Pcs)

The fans I bought, comes with two, so can break one. Got a new bed and the above extruder coming too. Going broke is fun. Well, I have money in my savings, so not completely broke.