Hotend is on

And so is the belt. Don’t watch the video I watched some of, he didn’t show a view of under the printer, so you can’t see what he’s doing. You need camera under pointing up.

I didn’t take a video, so you’ll have to figure the belt out yourself. And that video is for a different printer. Not exactly the same on the Ender 3 V2 Neo. And if you get the belt on one side stuck, you’ll have to fiddle with it until you can grab it with something, like pliers.

But basically for the belt, on the hotend thing, put the belt through the little crack opening, and the part on the other side, will keep it there. At least I think that’s how it goes. And is it supposed to be smooth when moving it with your hand? If I remember correctly, it wasn’t exactly easy to move by hand before either. I think you have to do something when the printer is on. As if you turn it off, without doing whatever, it won’t move easily. I don’t recall what you do.

But did I put the hotend thing on backwards or does it matter? Well, I’ll leave it on how it is for now, waiting for the fans.

Here is a photo, but the cover is on. Maybe after I fix it completely, I’ll take a photo with it off. Or when I’m fixing it. The fan cover has to come off to replace the fan. Do those wire connector no solder things work? I could read the reviews, but I’m lazy. Doesn’t seem to have instructions on how to use it either. None of the photos show instructions, and neither does description. We have to go there anyways, to get the stuff for soldering, you need a handy hand or whatever it’s called. I may have had one, but probably gone.

Can’t remember where the wire was on bottom near nozzle. In front of it or behind it? Actually, might not be able to go behind it. If I looked up a photo of the assembled hotend, before doing anything, the fan would probably still work. If the wire is under the nozzle, it needs to be moved. If you need a photo of the hotend, go to Amazon. Or wait until next week, once I get the fans.

Also, if it’s after dinner before you get home, wait until the next day to do anything to printer. Perhaps you won’t want to get it done as fast, and might not break it. I want to print something successfully, anything.

To clean the bed it comes with, use water in the sink. Wanted to get glue I probably don’t need on it off. It’s washable glue. I did spray window cleaner on it, and it hit the Orange Pi Zero, surprised it didn’t go through a vent hole and fry it. It did get the top of it. Or maybe window cleaner is safe for electronics while it’s on, I doubt it. The camera connected to it, still loads, now how many times do I need to refresh to believe it? Logged in, it still works.

Using alcohol doesn’t work very well either. Somebody said they used window cleaner and alcohol, 99% or something is what I have, not for drinking. That may have been a glass bed though, just like who said to use glue to get it to stick. I like following bad instructions. If the bed is useless after cleaning it, well I have another one coming. I used a sponge, but no soap, just cold water. The bed is damaged from nozzle. So I need to replace it anyways. Wanted to successfully print one thing first though. As long as it doesn’t use the damaged part, it should be fine.