How much RPM for sanding PLA 3D printed models?

WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft apparently works, if you search for reviews using the term “3D”. Reviewers decided not to use PLA or plastic, so you have to try many search terms. The lowest RPM is 8,000, not sure that’s low enough.

You can I think friction weld with it too.

If you go to Harbor Freight’s site, you can find a BAUER 0.6 Amp Variable Speed Precision Crafting Rotary Tool Kit, 36 Piece, which goes as low as 4,000 RPM.

You can also find cheapo ones on Amazon that can go as low as 3,000 RPM I think, but it uses a battery. If the battery isn’t replaceable, or you can’t power using cord, it’ll eventually be useless.

The BAUER is $40, and I can’t find that brand anywhere else. So it’s a cheapo brand for $40? They have cheaper ones, but the $24 or $25 one doesn’t go down to 4000 RPM.

Somebody said the WEN has lasted two years, and one from Harbor Freight only lasted 3 months.

But other reviews say the WEN didn’t last, so I’m not sure one or the other is actually better. Either one could last or not.

I want to buy one Amazon sells directly, not sure why, heat gun works, and was only fulfilled by Amazon.

Spray painting it and using I forgot what it’s called, isn’t a great method. Spray painting is messy, and might be a pain for small stuff. And waiting a day to do the final coat. That’s as slow as printing some stuff.

Apparently you need protection. But why a mask? And do they make goggles that go over glasses? As if they don’t, it won’t do any good, I won’t be able to see much.

The safety goggles from Harbor Freight can be worn over most glasses. You get three for $4.

I’d rather not go inside a store, so I’d buy the stuff on Harbor Freight’s site, and pay the $7 or whatever shipping. Assuming it’s $7 no matter how much you buy. And assuming I get money next month.

But I might just leave everything not sanded until the month after next month. As I spent way too much money this month. And I may not be able to get the bed level anyways, in that case, no need to buy anything else.

Somebody said Dremels are too fast. The Dremel Stylo+ might work, the lowest RPM is 5,000. But it’s almost $70, no thanks. Comes with other stuff, but still a rip off.

The BAUER apparently works for 3D printing, search for 3D. Since nobody says PLA or plastic, plastic if they are talking about the tool itself. One review says it doesn’t work for Resin, and PLA Resin. No idea if there’s any real different, when sanding. Perhaps 0.6 Amps is a problem, but why? It can do 20,000 RPM. So perhaps they don’t know how to change the speed. In that case, can I review their review?

Now to lookup what amps means on power tools.

Apparently low amps means it won’t last long. That is it will burn out. How long can you run 0.6 amps without it burning out?

So it sounds like you want 100 Amps. That way, you’ll have a puddle of PLA.

I already have masks anyways, no goggles though. You might need a respirator mask for plastic welding though. I assume regular masks work for sanding, as they only said mask.

What’s wrong with that part being made out of plastic? You can print a part out, before using it the first time, 3D scan the part, measure it, and then you have it for when it breaks. And for the WEN, if it uses plastic, somebody probably already did all that, well maybe not 3D scanning, but made the part.

But what do you print it with? PLA? ABS? PETG? Might depend what the part is doing. If something is spinning and hitting it, it might melt. Apparently you can remove it without that part. But it sounds like a pain. But it sounds like it works with plastic, no idea about PLA.

But it sounds like I shouldn’t do it in my apartment, since plastic will fly all over. Do it in a garage or outside or something.

I can’t use regular sandpaper if it takes hours, as that’ll hurt my wrist, and my fingers will cramp up, and I’ll have to wait to move them again. Actually, bending them at all can hurt. Like trying to get wires through butt connectors. Probably need more of something in my diet, but if I can’t move my fingers, I can get a lot of care giving hours. So what’s not to like? I won’t have to do anything anymore. I can live in a nursing home, and be unable to do anything with my fingers. Not even feed myself. And since my memory is going away, I’ll soon be a man baby. All before I’m 50, did I make a world record?

But since it might eventually break, I’ll buy the WEN for less.

Somebody said the sanding stuff is no good with a WEN, not sure which WEN. Sanding what? PLA? Maybe it was when I searched for 3D. Good luck finding better quality stuff, if you don’t know what to look for. There’s some for under $10, but reviews say it wears out fast. Even for plastic? Like PLA? Maybe I want sanding drums, but good luck finding Dremel made ones. Maybe I need to search for Dremel instead of rotary tool. Maybe sanding bands. What is better quality then included with WEN, but cheaper then Dremel?

Doesn’t sound like a good idea using those on TNT. It might explode. TNT has nails? Maybe they mean toe nail trimmer. That’s not what TNT is though. I guess people can’t type words anymore.

Looks like you have to buy every cheap brand yourself, until one works.

Somebody said something about a mini card scraper, Amazon doesn’t have that. Don’t know what that is.