Hyper Tough 1.5 Amp Corded Rotary Tool, Variable Speed with 105 Rotary Accessories & Storage Case

I decided to buy that from Walmart. Can’t be any worse then the other cheap rotary tools. Well, I suppose it could, since it’s Walmart. Only around $2 more I think then the WEN, or maybe $3 or so more. One site said the WEN I was going to get, doesn’t have a shield or something for the cutters. Not sure what that is. Maybe this one has that.

And maybe the sanding stuff is better quality then what the WEN comes with. And I think it has more stuff included, probably not the flex thing. I have I think it’s a flex thing, for a Dremel, no idea if it’ll work though.

The Walmart brand also has sanding things you can buy. So I could have just bought the WEN, and when needed bought sanding things from Walmart.

No idea if it’ll work for PLA anyways. Might only be good for friction welding, I’d probably need a video to figure that out. But you might be able to use rotary tools as a drill. So it’s worth having anyways. Do they make screwdriver bits for it? 8,000 RPM might be a little much though, depending on what it is. Like electronics. That’s the minimum speed.

I should get it later, assuming Walmart gave me it, and it was delivered to her house.

The protective glasses, they don’t actually have. I guess they sold out overnight, hard to believe. I’ll get them somewhere else. They just need to be able to go over my glasses. Got to love Walmart, selling you crap they don’t have, and probably not something a lot of people are buying at Walmart anyways.

She said any hardware store should have them, in that case, one with pickups might work. Harbor Freight doesn’t have pickups, you have to go inside, no thanks. I’ll pay $4 to pick them up somewhere else. Around $2 at Walmart, but they don’t actually have them.

The flex thing may work, if you know how to connect it. Or is it just some extension thing not the same thing? Seems like I’m missing something. And it’s just an extension thing, perhaps for the flex thing. If my mom still has the Dremel and stuff I gave her, she might have it. I’ll look for a cheaper flex thing though. Well, don’t really need it, at least not for 3D printer, since the printer is dead.

Doesn’t look like Hyper Tough makes a flex thing, bummer. Not sure there’s a universal one.

You’d probably have to modify the Dremel flex thing to work with something else, and possibly the rotary tool itself. According to something on DuckDuckGo, didn’t click it.

And some Dremel accessories may not work with it, some universal Dremel thing doesn’t work with it. Probably the accessories that go into the collet will.

The WEN might be a better buy, if you want a flex thing. As there might not be one for the Hyper Tough. Will the Drilax work? Only $12. Would have been cheaper to buy WEN.

Didn’t try turning it on, so maybe it doesn’t work either.

Maybe Universal Flexible Flex Shaft Extension Cord Flexible Shaft for Rotary Grinder Tool M8 Keyless Chuck Clamping Dia. 3.2mm will work, clicked another affiliate link. Copy and pasting the title is a pain, might not find the exact same thing, or might have to look through the search results.

Not sure the extra accessories were worth it, with no flex shaft.

Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll attempt at fixing the printer again.

And somebody said the Drilax works. For their Walmart branded tool. Did they say rotary tool? Just search reviews for Walmart, instead of Hyper Tough.

Drilax Flexible Rotary Drill Tool Drive Flex Shaft Attachment 42 inch Extension Fits 1/8 inch Collet Grinding, Polishing Compatible with Standard Rotary Tools

Somebody said Hyper Tough is junk, so it’s worse then Harbor Freight and WEN? Probably fine for plastic. That was on an accessory kit. Probably doing a hard job, that either requires expensive accessories, or all accessories get used up fast, for whatever they were doing. If the review doens’t give details, like what they were doing, it’s useless.

They just say tool, but the title for item, is “standard rotary tools”. I’ll let you know if it works, once I buy it, probably next month, after I fix printer. If no working printer, no need for the flex shaft.

Hyper Tough has a magnetic screwdriver kit, I don’t know if any name brands do. I lost one bit, and one broke, so I probably should get a new magnetic screwdriver kit. Are the magnets stronger? If so, it’s better then what I have. Now, you could weld a magnet onto a screwdriver. Or maybe print out a handle, that holds one.

That might be a better solution, a magnet holder, how strong of a magnet do you need? Might not work as intended though. Might just make the screw go to magnet, instead of where the screw goes.