Is 3IXAM 3D using Blender?

Perhaps they are using their own renderer and a different user interface. But some of the dialogs look very similar.

Oh and same exact problem when trying to remove the broken finger using it as I had with Blender. It must not be selecting everything I tried selecting. So not the entire broken finger is removed.

And there’s a nice bug, you can’t access external drives, giving it full drive access, doesn’t fix anything. Don’t think you can manually add folders to the privacy thing in the settings in macOS. I ended up copying the file to the folder it shows when you import, the default folder. I didn’t bother reporting the bug. As I probably won’t even keep it.

If it’s as hard to use as Blender, to do what I think should be simple, I might as well use Blender. Blender is free, so no need for a subscription.

Somebody mentioned this, it’s $100, and there’s a native Apple Silicon version. Only a deb file for Linux, but you can use Distrobox, or extract deb and try to run without Distrobox. I’d just use Distrobox, easier.

Is it easier to select with it? And I assume that’s a one time payment?

And how do you get a STEP file? Don’t think the trial can import anything else. And it’s a one time fee. Downloading deb to see if it really can only import STEP. Nice disconnected.

But I might buy an iPad app, that may or may not work, but good for creating my own models. Nomad Sculpt looks nice, but no idea how well you can edit an obj file. Now if it works for that, it’s a bargain. Only $15. Alternative to Blender? Perhaps it’s way easier to use. And drains the battery fast it says, fine with me, that’s all I will be using iPad mini for anyways. Three devices to do what I want, Mac to make 3D model, Linux to convert it to obj, too lazy to see if the Python library works in macOS or use Linux in a container or VM, iPad to edit the obj file.

Plasticity is installed. And it imported the obj file with the trial. And selecting is apparently hard, if you don’t know how to use 3D modeling software. Going to try $15 app, perhaps it’s easier to use. I don’t want to look up how to do it in Plasticity.

Well, that iPad app might work, if you can figure it out. Perhaps I’ll look up how to properly select, part of it, instead of the entire thing. No idea if the Logitech Crayon is dead or not, it was blinking when plugged in, but stopped, so I guess it’s charged. Wasn’t turning on. It’s working now. It’s like that sculpting 3D modeling program for the computer, but for the iPad.

If it had an axe, I could at least remove the broken finger.

Nice, they have a manual. It also said for the trim thing to change something to prevent something, don’t ask me how to change the camera or whatever it said. And when you use that, it removes off other parts that you didn’t want to remove. Connected iPad to my local VPN, so I can access Samba shares. Better then using iCloud, don’t have to switch to Mac to do something, if I use Samba.

Well, I guess the iPad and Logitech Crayon might have a use now, since I’m too lazy to draw. If I ever figure out how to do what I want in the app.

Silo could work, if you are patient, and can stand the controls. I think I know what to do in Blender though, change what it selects. There’s multiple different things you can select, just using a tool to select won’t do it probably. It’s not like photo editing. Blender controls are much better. Actually, in Blender, I think you just tell it what to delete. So it should have a delete all option. Cause I don’t have a flying clue what any of it is.

Can you do it in Cura? Two models merged, so perhaps it doesn’t want to delete the part from the other model. Time consuming, you have to select multiple times, I’m sure copying a finger will be fun, probably won’t work. Blender controls are a dick too, you have to click shift, to move the camera or whatever, too much work. The iPad app is easier, if only you can remove what you want.

Got trim working on iPad app, disable “Sym”. And it’s incredibly smooth the app. One free app on Mac, I had to force close, all I did was click edit.

Well, it will only select the entire object, so good luck cloning, just one part. And shaky hands makes using the Logitech Crayon very hard.

Look at the Scene part of the manual. Perhaps something in there will help.

How do you use layers and masks?

On another note, the Orange Pi Zero 2’s case fan is making noises. When turning it on makes noise, and now is just making noise again. Probably a dying fan, guess I should order replacement fans. Don’t buy that case for the fan, as it’s complete junk. Five fans for $11. But I might need spacers too, won’t know until I completely fix printer. For the bed, don’t mess with the Z offset, you might need to check if it’s level, and possibly manually level it. That would explain why it was printing perfectly in one spot but not another spot, somebody said the beds on those printers are warped. And I thought auto level would work. I’ll replace the bed first, as I have a new one. If it can level that bed, I might not need spacers. Hmm, but it’s just a removable bed that goes on the same thing, what part of the bed is warped? Might as well buy spacers as well. Use em or don’t, who cares. But that fan is annoying.

Don’t think it’s hitting cables, I opened it multiple times to move cables. Cables must get out of the way quickly if it’s a cable. But if the fan is dying, the temperature is going to sky rocket probably, already hotter then my Orange Pi 5, even with a fan. Can it wait till next month? I did transfer $50 to my checking, because I bought that app. But would rather use the money for stuff I need, like toilet paper, they should outlaw wiping your ass. They want to control what women do with their own body, so control ass wiping for everybody, including themselves. Get rid of electricity too, and everything else, we can go back to the stone ages.

Looks like, if you invert the mask, you can then remove just the part you want. Or if you want to remove the rest of it. That might help with one thing. No idea how to copy part to another part though.

Wrong tool for the job? More like almost right tool for the job. Perhaps if you use “Sym” you can copy the finger that way, like when deleting the broken finger, it deletes where a good finger is. But how do you do regular copy?

And you don’t need to know how to draw with this app, you just need something, and then adjust it until it looks like a penis, should be easy.

Maybe you mask the good finger, extract it, and move it. I don’t know if it fully extracts it. Didn’t when I clicked it, cause I kept trying. Didn’t appear to do much. Except move it.

Looks like the right tool for the job, the only app I can figure out. Thanks to it’s manual, and trial and error. Glad I didn’t get a subscription or pay $100+. Use the mask, mask what you want to clone, invert selection, then extract, and finally clone, and move. MEGA app is a dick, uploaded to the wrong folder, changed the default backup folder on my iPad for MEGA, guess it uploaded before I changed that setting. I don’t want my iPhone and iPad photos in the same folder, does anybody?

Here is the current photo of the hand, I removed one good finger, cause it wasn’t removing what I wanted to remove by it. Probably a bad 3D scan, don’t know which side has that, or if both do. They are aligned and merged, so good luck telling. You’ll need to open the separate non merged files. No idea how to fill the holes. I have a finger I can clone though. If all fails, I can just export the finger, and start over. Maybe extract that part, and move it, and delete if you can. Maybe you can delete in Scenes.

And if you don’t have a Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil, you’ll probably have a bad time with that app. The Logitech Crayon might be cheaper, that’s why I bought it.

I need to sculpt some penis light fixtures now. Measure the ones on my lamp, and print some new ones. Shooting light out. Will PLA melt from a light bulb?

The Logitech Crayon is charging.