Going to try PhotoCatch once my light charges. I’ll try it with a video. Guess my M1 Mac mini might be useful for something. Cheaper then buying a 3D scanner. Now if I had the money that I spent on the Mac mini, I could afford a 3D scanner.

I might need to pay for it though, maybe the cheaper plan. I don’t want a watermark. If it exports the 3D file, you can remove watermark possibly. Might be a pain though.

A one time purchase would be better. I don’t like subscriptions. There’s this, but requires a NVIDIA GPU, no thanks. CPU is probably too slow.

It works, but perhaps put it up higher. Not on the floor. I put it on a white piece of paper on the floor though. But the back of fingers isn’t very good, need to make a new video. And the paper is in the model, and part of the floor.

I had to change the sensitivity or whatever to high, and the frame interval to 10. For the best model, use a frame interval of 1. That’s over a thousand images.

And what is it using to do it? The GPU? The AI thing? No idea. If it’s the GPU, I’d need a new CPU therefore a new Mac mini, for it to be faster.

The Morphi or whatever 3D editor on the Mac mini, can’t edit it, the model is too small. At least the .obj file. You can’t import the usdz file in it.

Not sure what the point of watermark is, you can probably easily remove it.

If I remake the video, I’m putting the hand on my storage thing with wheels. Then I don’t have to bend over to take the video. Might be easier to get enough of the back of the fingers. The thing is white, so shouldn’t need a white piece of paper.

What I need is something to put it on, that I can rotate, without the distance changing. You might be able to 3D print something. A vise that rotates would work for some stuff. Then I can use a tripod. I have a video rig for my phone, I used it, it has some handle thing that attaches by the tripod spot. You might get perfect results with an actual tripod and rotating it, without distance changing.

Here’s an image of the model.

It probably isn’t worth paying for the $5 per month plan, as you can probably remove the watermark yourself. The ten dollar plan lets you do two models at once. Not sure why it’s limited to two. And lame you have to pay $10 per month to do two at a time.

Big enough in Cura, but an error. I only need a finger from it. See what it looks like with a new finger, probably not great. It’ll be plastic, or plastic wood. It auto scaled it to 1000% though. Blender is a massive pain in the ass to use. FreeCAD could work. And you might need to pay $10 per month, FreeCAD apparently can’t do much. It’s all one object.

Probably have to print the entire hand, as it probably isn’t the same size. You might as well measure the fingers, and remake it from scratch.

You need to make it editable somehow, so it’s not one object. Perhaps Wings 3D will be easy enough to use. I think I used that a long time ago. Installing the Flatpak, not in repo. And no RPM available on their site. Doesn’t look the same, from what I remember. Might look nicer perhaps. Thanks Flatpak, can’t access /media.

flatpak override –user –filesystem=/media com.wings3d.WINGS there you go. Long time to import, and lagging computer.

Had to kill it. Was almost unable to, thanks to lag, finally got in a terminal and was able to. Otherwise, I would have clicked reset button.

Perhaps you can change the scale in Morphi or whatever on the Mac. That opened it fast and without issues.

Not sure any other scanner in app store, supports videos. I’d rather take a video, then many photos. All photos in one big file. If it has a one time fee, perhaps it’s worth it. $120 a year, how about $120 one time? Or $200 one time?

I’m surprised it worked at all though. I doubt I stayed the same distance from it. So the API it uses is magic. There’s an app for $30 one time, but only does photos. I think it’s called 3D Photos Pro.

But instead of a turntable, or some other rig, use a measuring tape. You can stay the same distance easier.

Or make the video or images really close. Going to look for an app to export frames from video, that you can set an interval. I assume that means every ten frames, or whatever you want. If there’s a free app, perhaps I’ll pay $30 for the other app, that has no written reviews.

Probably wouldn’t be hard to make an app that uses the API though. But I support apps that aren’t a subscription. Need to also look for a 3D editor for the Mac that is better. Perhaps Meshmixer will work better. Says it’s good for making 3D printable stuff. And that sure is hard to find. Apparently you can’t download it, or it isn’t free anymore. Found the site, but it isn’t loading, DuckDucKGo can’t find the site though. The Autodesk site, that answers how to download it for Fusion 360 has a link, but possibly a dead link. So I guess you need Fusion 360 now.

DuckDuckGo likes finding massively outdated stuff.

Perhaps this will work, and it’s available for Linux.

How do you make a solid object editable?

Got the Meshmixer site to load, go to it without www. And there’s no Mac version anymore, so enjoy.

You have to select what you want somehow with Meshlab, good luck.

And it may not work with .obj files, nice. Rectangle selecting sucks. Guess it can’t do it then. You have to click Q, when using the points.

Well, good luck anyhow, it’s selecting stuff I don’t want.