Redrex Dual Gear Ender 3 Extruder with Nema 17 Stepper Motor

Installed it finally today, and took longer then it should.

But I need to loosen the screw for the spring. I looked at the photos on Amazon. And doing so is a pain, I have to remove it from tent, move tent, put printer on table. Not enough room for tent and printer on table, without printer in tent. And the gear on the motor might be too high, they said to align it though. Not sure it’ll move pushed down. It moves as it is though. It’s the motor it came with, didn’t know if it would work with the motor I have. That’s why I paid more to get a motor.

If you think replacing the hotend is hard, wait until you do the extruder. Even more of a pain. And they like using different sized screws, so you get to use many Allen wrenches. And good luck holding an Allen wrench. I dropped the Allen wrench, screws, and the spring.

My fingers bending can hurt them. Allen wrenches with a handle would be better. Not a skinny piece of metal, that I can barely hold.

Here’s some photos.

Helping hands might come today, but she isn’t dropping anything off until the fans come. I suggested that. No point until the fans come.

Photos taken with my camera, and a much better lens, then a shitty phone lens.

Now to go fix that screw, and maybe take a dump afterwards. Or maybe take a dump first. And this browser may cause my audio to have issues sometimes, like there’s a high CPU load. Not sure it did it with Firefox, should see if annoying bug nobody will report is fixed. Vivaldi is the browser. Since it’s based on Chromium, Chrome and Chromium probably cause the same issue. Or maybe it’s amd_pstate_epp.