SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun, 350W 662℉ (350℃) Fast Heat Handheld Hot Air Gun Tool works for butt connectors

Here is a photo of the test cable. As you can see, I held it there too long. Probably only takes a second or two.

The hardest part is getting the wires in the connector, that is twisting the wires. I had to use a size up butt connector, because the side on one side is smaller, which is useless. Or are you supposed to put them in the same side?

The only downside I can see, is it doesn’t take long, so if you’re an idiot like me, you will hold it there too long, at least the first time. Good thing I tested it first.

Somebody said it didn’t work for butt connectors for them, either they didn’t wait long enough for it to heat up, or they have a defective heat gun.

Now if it didn’t melt the solder, I didn’t do it right. And good luck rotating the gun around it, easier to use that metal thing.

If you don’t use the metal thing, you can hold it farther away, and not do what I did.

That photo sucks, thanks shitty phone camera. Does it have no stabilization? Apparently my actual camera has better stabilization.

ASIN for the heat gun is B08VFY8THD and B07S62KYSL for butt connectors.

Now if you do it right, it’s way easier then using a soldering iron, and the heat gun was under $20. Well spent money, well I mean her money, I didn’t buy it. Running out of money.

Glad I didn’t get a more expensive heat gun, you don’t need one for butt connectors. Just waiting for heat gun to cool down, is the cable cooled down? I need to inspect it, to see if solder melted.

And it probably didn’t shrink or melt or whatever, in one spot, because of how the helping hands was holding it. It was a test anyways, so who cares. I do wonder if that cable works anymore. Might not have anything for that cable though, to plug it into. The benefit of hoarding, you get lots of cables to test butt connectors on. Not sure a hoarder would do that though. My main problem is I’m incredibly lazy.

Oh and if the stand on heat gun comes off, it’s meant to come off. So it probably isn’t broken, the other side comes off easy too, so I’m pretty sure it can go off and on.

And I did it wrong, according to instructions. You are supposed to put one wire all the way through, then twist it to the other wire, and put back in, probably to the center. I only twisted the wire on itself to get it in the butt connector, then put them in the middle, hopefully touching. If the cable works, that’s surprising. Had to pull it off of the helping hands. Says you don’t need to crimp it.

I was using helping hands to hold it, but only one side, because the other hand can’t be moved close enough apparently, or I don’t know how to move it closer.

And surprised it works, I think it said to use 400C minimum. But I did one thing right, used the reflector metal thing. Says if you are a beginner to use that. I’ll always use that, as it’s way easier. And doesn’t take very long if you do that either. Perhaps that’s why it works at only 350C. Or it gets hotter then that. Couldn’t tell if the gun was even heated enough. Said dark red, but couldn’t tell if it was dark red.

I should probably do one more test cable, before doing the printer. Might do the fan on the printer tomorrow. I can actually use that same cable to test again. Just a different spot, or redo the same one. It’s an old TV cable, yellow, white and red. I think I have an upscaler thing, but nothing to plug into it. The Wii must have some kind of HDMI I assume, probably some adapter. Don’t have any ancient consoles. So I won’t be testing the cable.