UrBackup will keep resuming a failed backup forever

So click stop? Good luck, it doesn’t stop very quickly. When did I try stopping it? Around 12 PM or 1 PM? And it didn’t stop until around 3 PM.

It’s a dick, and will start backing up, after you install it to restore it to a freshly flashed image.

Doing a full image backup may fix it, but you’ll have to wait until it isn’t running a backup anymore. It is dead set on resuming a failed backup, and decided you can’t do shit about it. If you think restarting the server and client will solve it, you are very wrong.

Why the fuck would I want to backup a freshly flashed image file? I only did that, because there appears to be no way to restore the file backup with permissions, for a client, without having the client on the client. Not everybody is going to keep searching for a solution, as apparently nobody wants to do that.

Looks like you can specify the client name though, if you read the help for urbackupclientctl. And the -v option appears to do nothing, still showing for my desktop, not my Orange Pi Zero 2. Doesn’t work with -c either. Just trying to list-backupdirs but for the Orange Pi Zero 2. Doesn’t appear to be possible.

Well, got to finish trying to fix my USDZ converter, so it can write to Samba share. That’s where I’m going to store 3D models. Not much else on that drive. Actually got to shit, didn’t want to come out when I got home.

And I think the Orange Pi Zero 2 can backup again. Took a while, I wasn’t watching UrBackup, so it kept trying to resume the failed backup.

Follow the entire restore guide. The top part, clearly says to disable scheduling, so it doesn’t backup while restoring. That could be commonsense though, too bad I have none, and skipped that entire part. You only disable scheduling for the client you are restoring.

But if you skipped that part and have no commonsense, just do a full backup when you can, and it’ll get fixed.

Will I remember to do that if I need to restore again? Probably not.