UrBackup works with chroot

Assuming it has the right permissions when it’s done, it should work. I made an archive of the backup folder, but that didn’t work, probably smaller then what UrBackup is restoring. So far, it looks like all permissions have root:root. That probably won’t work too well.

Too bad it isn’t an image.

You have to mount proc, dev, and sys to it.

You also need qemu-aarch64 if the backup is for an Orange Pi Zero 2.

If you stupidly delete everything on micro SD card, or the card died, go to UrBackup and download the client for the client you want to restore. Don’t install from their site, you need it already configured. You may have to change it to internet only or whatever.

Oh and the thing is a dick, it’s trying to back it up, and I keep trying to stop it.

I’d have the right permissions if I didn’t delete everything on micro SD card.

All I did was update some held back packages, apparently doing so killed it. The problem with using Orange Pi’s Ubuntu image.

If your micro SD card doesn’t have enough space, mount a folder from somewhere else with enough space to it. The same way you mount /dev to the chroot.

And it changed the permissions luckily. Let’s see if Pi is back in business, after I delete everything except the restore folder. How do you do that with one command?

/usr/bin/qemu-aarch64 /usr/local/sbin/urbackupclientbackend -d -c /etc/default/urbackupclient that’s what you run for the backup client backend, perhaps it won’t backup if you don’t run that.

And enjoy “target is busy.” when trying to umount dev and sys. In the chroot folder, not openSUSE. Probably Konsole being a piece of shit again. I have to completely close it most likely. Nope, good luck ejecting the card with that mounted.

Nothing is using those folders, according to lsof. Using umount -l worked. And killed my web browser too. Why the fuck would that kill the web browser? Or did I kill it when killing processes? Fucking web browser. Now it won’t open, nice.

Can’t open a new tab in Konsole either. Got to reboot after I fix micro SD card.

And Orange Pi Zero 2 appears to work again, just logged into camera connected by it.

If you are wondering, UrBackup file backups work for Linux with permissions. I probably need to lookup openSUSE chroot instructions, or perhaps don’t mount everything in /dev to the chroot dev, just the one thing it was looking for.

I’d give you a link to the actual restore instructions, but I closed the tab, no chroot instructions had to figure that out myself.

Not sure the client works without running the backend. Also, before installing the already configured client, run export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin, or it will fail at starting the backend, and might not finish installing or something. If you can’t kill the processes from the chroot, just do it on the non chroot, get the PID using ps aux | grep qemu.