My Python script to convert USDZ to OBJ using Aspose.3D is done.

Only way I know to get around not being able to write the files to a Samba share, is by using a tmp directory, and moving the files, since Python has no issues directly writing to it. Something Aspose.3D does, doesn’t work with Samba. No idea what the problem is.

You can find the Python script here. Because the documentation sucks for Aspose.3D, I don’t know how to write all the files using Python directly, without Aspose.3D doing it. You can do the OBJ file, but if you want the textures, good luck. So pass -tmp-folder to the script, and it will create a tmp folder in it, and move the files to the output file path.

usdz_to_obj -i '/media/junk/3D/Wooden Hand/Hand.usdz' -o '/media/junk/3D/Wooden Hand/test/hand.obj' -tmp-folder '/home/ass/3D/tmp/'

And the usdz_to_obj script:

cat bin/usdz_to_obj


Now you don’t need an app on the Mac that outputs OBJ files, and you can modify the script to output something else. The app I bought claims to do it, but it doesn’t work. Works good enough, so I’ll convert the files myself.

Also, the output folder needs to be empty. That’ll keep my file system tidy. But you can modify it and make it do whatever you want.