Why the fuck does everybody do subscriptions now?

Well, the cheapest plan from 3D Slash is only $2 per month, so I guess $24 per year. If the software has a major update every year, it’ll probably cost more then $24. But I’d rather pay $100 or so one time.

Why not use CloudCompare? It’s buggy, and a pain in the ass. I saved a bin file, it’s own format, and I can easily crash it over and over again. Just by editing it. Not compatible with it’s own format I guess. Are the exported models good or bad from it? Good question.

Guess, I’ll download the trial of that app, and see if it’s less of a pain in the ass. It’s available for Linux and macOS.

If it can’t import obj files, or USDZ, then it won’t be of use for me.

To paste the association code in Linux, you need a script that’ll type it for you. You think I’m manually typing a code? No.

sh -c 'sleep 5.0; xdotool type "$(xclip -o -selection clipboard)"'

Works like a charm, works for VNC, if you can’t paste, some browser VNC paste doesn’t work. Don’t need VNC anymore though.

And looks to be useless, you can’t apparently import anything, nice. You can export though. And you can import. Create a new model, and select from 3D file. Probably can’t merge and align in it though, looks very simple. Maybe not even copy. That is select what you want, copy and move it.

Testing the Linux version. That’s my primary computer. Not sure I want to pay $2 a month for anything though.

Wtf did they make this app in? The file browser isn’t great looking, it’s not the system file manager.

And I’ll need to lookup if you can copy in it. But it has a hammer, for removing blocks, nice, easier then CloudCompare.

Too fucking easy, compared to CloudCompare. But $24 a year, is sort of better then $99 for Cheetah3D, that is probably harder to use, and is probably macOS only. You get updates as long as you keep paying. And cheaper then PhotoCatch.

Don’t maximize the window in Linux, it doesn’t look pretty. Maybe it’s as simple as ctrl + c and ctrl + v. With the right tool. Well, maybe not that bad looking. Ended up maximizing it again. And selecting works, but is different.

Guess the internet only has video instructions now a days, bummer, no idea how to copy and paste in that case. I don’t watch videos. One site, doesn’t show the article for some unknown reason. Perhaps because ads are blocked. Doesn’t bother telling you though. So maybe one text instructions, but you can’t read it.

JavaScript already disabled, so they did something to prevent that from bypassing their blocking of ad blockers. Well, didn’t say anything about ads, after enabling JavaScript for that site. No idea why it was disabled then. And clicked the wrong link, that isn’t related to what I searched for at all, thanks DuckDuckGo.

How do you switch to expert mode? You probably have to pay. Pay to find out if it works, no thanks. I clicked the question mark, maybe it says how to copy and paste. Fucking video tutorials. Good news, the Linux version might be neutered, so good luck, or you have to pay. So not worth it. If I can’t determine if it’ll work for me for free, it ain’t worth paying a subscription for. A one time fee perhaps. And it has the options, you have to select something first.

You can adjust your view while working on it, non like CloudCompare, another reason it’s a pain in the ass. It might take a while to get it working though, thought it pasted it, guess not, so I just moved the other finger.

What did I do? Cut instead? Perhaps. And you have to pay if you want HD mode. And all the sizes. I’ll mess with it some other time, it’ll only take me a month or so to get the hand ready for printing. Printer isn’t working yet anyways. The heat gun and butt connectors came though. Heat gun not sealed, hopefully it isn’t a used broken returned one. I have some helping hands coming too, but apparently you have to rotate the cable when using a heat gun. Helping hand probably can’t do that, neither can my fingers, using fingers might be painful. Pliers might work, can you rotate stuff being held by helping hands?

I bought it from Amazon, don’t want to go inside any store, including cheap hardware store. Maybe a dollar more then their similar helping hands. I wanted the one with a light. But just got the cheap one without it. You might need a magnet and metal surface for the helping hands I bought, so it doesn’t tip over. But cables probably don’t weigh much.

Or use glue and wood. Didn’t know glue worked for iron. Also didn’t know iron was light. No metal surfaces to put it on, so I’d have to use glue I guess. Somebody said something about a flat magnetic, what is that? A flat magnet? They said magnetic though. And how will that help? Are they talking about the $800+ magnet things? For a $6 or $7 thing? Sounds like a rip off, I can buy better helping hands for less then $800.

You can’t export instantly for free, doesn’t sound like it’s offline. Guess their server is doing the work. And I can’t even select it right, or paste right anymore. Since it’s online, I can probably find something else, perhaps no app is needed for something else.

Maybe this is better. But I’d rather have an offline app. Searching for a macOS app, but also added Reddit to the search, Reddit usually has better stuff. Some stuff I find is outdated.

How much will this cost? Free currently. TBA for a subscription. Probably would only need the standard subscription. But if it’s $20 per month, I’ll pass. Don’t want to try it, and find out they want a ton of money every month. Might as well try it, might work, and free until I think the end of June. Reading Reddit comments first though.

I hate subscriptions, and I doubt that new app will be as cheap as 3D Slash. Going to see if there’s a trial of Cheetah3D and if it supports Apple Silicon Macs. It uses Rosetta. That’s a bummer, might run fine, but native is still better.

Might just have to use CloudCompare. At least it’s free.