Another reason not to play games on a PC(Windows or Linux)

macOS currently isn’t affected, but apparently mods for Minecraft, can come with malware. Not from the official developer though, well maybe sometimes.

If you play games on a computer, because mods can be better, well enjoy possibly getting malware.

I’ll be sure to remember that, and not buy any PC games anymore. Unless I don’t care about mods for that game. But the TV is better anyways. Controllers might be less painful. I could play on the Steam Deck to easily get a controller, but that screen is way smaller then my TV. And I can’t use mods, so why bother?

I doubt most Linux users run anti malware.

But there is an option, run Linux in a VM, that is isolated from everything else, if it gets infected, it might not do much. Too much work for me.

Fallout 4 is better with mods, I have it for the PS4, but play it on a PS5. I wouldn’t like the game without mods. The mods might be limited on the PS4/PS5, thanks Sony, perhaps it won’t get malware in that case. If it does, perhaps I can hack my PS5.

How long does it take USPS to get a package from Canada?

And order from 3D Printing Canada not 3D Printing USA. Same people, but the USA site, doesn’t show the tracking info when you look at an order. Maybe I have an account on the other site. I can view the order from an email from 3D Printing Canada, and get the tracking. Guess it doesn’t really matter. But not sure what the point in their USA site is. But I have to go into my email, to find the link. I do have it on my delivery app on my phone, but sometimes I want to look at it on my desktop. Thought it said 6-8 days to get here, but I don’t really remember.

I only recommend the Ender 3 V2 Neo, if you are willing to replace almost every part, and enjoy slow shipping. Unless you live in New York or close to New York. Then the shipping might be fast. Europe and China aren’t going to be faster.

Don’t bother emailing support, they want a video, and a receipt, to sell you a part. The PSU is apparently cloned crap. Cloned makes it crap.

Don’t ask me where the other Candian site ships from in Canada. I’m not very far from Canada, New York is probably farther away then Canada. So they couldn’t keep it in Canada and come directly here from Canada?

But I’m going to fix that problem, by printing parts, that will allow me to use other parts, not made for it. If it ever works that is. So before you break it, print parts so you can use parts not made for it, you’ll need it. Don’t remove the nozzle until you print parts, as the nozzle may break inside, and you’ll need to fix it.

Don’t set the z offset to the maximum negative, as you’ll break it. Apparently that broke the limit switch too. Or more likely, they sold me a broken printer.

Or if it breaks right away, send it back, and tell them it’s a POS. Mine won’t be a POS anymore, because it’ll have everything or almost everything replaced. Maybe I’ll replace the main board too, for good measures, and the screen of course. If there’s anything that says Creality on the printer, I should remove that as well. That way nobody will ask how my Creality printer doesn’t have many Creality parts.

If you haven’t bought a printer, lookup to see where you can order parts for any printer you are looking at. That is every part for it. If you can’t buy 100% of parts in your country, then it may not be the printer you want. Too bad I didn’t know that before buying it, didn’t think it would break right away either, if ever.

I do have tweezers now though. Those will come in handy. Can you twist wire with tweezers? My fingers can’t. Still surprised the soldering worked.