AnyStream works without Distrobox now

The latest version works in openSUSE Tumbleweed now, I ran the below commands to get it working.

sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/
sudo ldconfig

If you use Distrobox, it may say invalid license, and then when you run it again, you get a new trial. But if you plan on buying it, or bought it, perhaps don’t use Distrobox.

They have a 20% off sale right now.

Not sure it’s worth buying though, as the decryption code is on their server. That means if their server is gone, you paid over $100 for a now useless program.

It also doesn’t support the version of MAX with commercials. It’ll download the first commercial and nothing else.

They should have a backup method, that you can enable, that actually records it, like Channels DVR does with TV Everywhere. TV Everywhere with Channels DVR is done once the show is over. So it’s not just downloading it. Unless it’s downloading really slow. If it had such a method, I’d gladly pay for it, as that means when their servers are gone, you can still use it. And I don’t have to get the commercial free version of MAX.

I don’t care much about having the best quality, so recording it streaming, is good enough for me. You can probably manually do that though. For free.

But it looks like you don’t have to pay for it anyways, as they will keep giving you new trials. If you use Distrobox. You may not be able to download as much as you want though, unless you get a new trial license after you run out of downloads for the day. I suspect they will ban your IP though. And I have no idea why it gives me a new trial. How is the hardware changing? No idea.

You might get an additional 10% off, if you pay with Bitcoin, unless that doesn’t apply to when they have a sale.

They should just release it as a Flatpak, or AppImage, or Snap. Or all three. On their forum, I think they are a developer of it, said they are having issues with libraries. The reason to use Flatpak or one of the others. Or does Flatpak use system libraries? No idea, don’t think AppImage does though.

Maybe the new version changed the hardware. But if I remember correctly, when it finally opened it openSUSE directly, I got a new trial again. So you can probably just open in Distrobox, and once your trial is over, open in host OS.

How does the lifetime license work? Does it require their server? Cause, I wouldn’t want to buy it, if it decides the license is no good, because my hardware “changed”.