Drilax Flexible Rotary Drill Tool Drive Flex Shaft Attachment 42 inch Extension Fits 1/8 inch Collet Grinding works with Hyper rotary tool

Well it attached anyways. Didn’t turn it on. You have to take the plastic thing around where the hole is off, and screw the flex thing on.

Said something about lubricating it. Need to lookup the instructions on their site, to see what they say to use for that.

I think I have a big thing of oil for something, maybe that’ll work.

It’s clipper blade oil, bought it originally for an electric shaver. Electric shavers don’t work, well maybe now it would. Probably depends on the hair on your face. Perhaps it wasn’t think enough, won’t waste money on one again.

But perhaps I can print the part I broke or lost. If the printer is ever fixed.

No idea if that kind of oil will work. Won’t buy any oil from Walmart, they most likely don’t have it.

Parts from Canada or wherever haven’t come yet, no idea when it’s coming. Did get some silicone solid bed mounts for the printer from Amazon today though.

They say to use white lithium grease. Or recommended. Now to see if Walmart claims to have it, and decide if I want to risk them not having it.

The threaded collar is what I had to remove. Was wondering how it was supposed to screw down, and decided to unscrew that. No actual thinking process though, probably the divine doing it for me. And you are supposed to use the collet thing that I removed. Might go in, without the threaded collar on. If not, I need a different collet. it goes in the other part, that comes off.

What happens if you don’t use a collet?

A review said it works with the Walmart rotary tool, I assume Hyper is the Walmart brand. Must be right. Bookmarked the instructions. Didn’t I have some lithium grease crap? No idea where it is. Probably gone. They claim to have it. Should check the only place it would be. But you can never have too much grease, cause I’m too lazy to look for any.

If using UrBackup with a slow drive, change Max simultaneous backups, or enjoy nothing finishing after you update it. I set it to 2, if that’s too much, try 1. If that’s still too much, try 0. And you have to restart UrBackup on the server after doing so. Which means backups will completely restart apparently, not resume. Not spending all my money this month, so not buying a NAS drive and enclosure. Slow drive it is. Maybe a new PSU for printer next month though, and maybe a drive, or a router. How do you convert an EdgeOS backup to OpenWRT? Cause I’m too fucking lazy to manually configure it. But I think it’s better then my router, and has built in WiFi. I assume you can make WiFi on it’s own VLAN with OpenWRT. And if I have to configure it, how do I block IPv6 traffic over VLANs? That is “local” traffic. I don’t want a local IPv6 on WiFi connecting to a wired IPv6 address. It required marking stuff with EdgeOS, then dropping.

I found some white lithium grease, so don’t have to waste money failing to buy it from Walmart.

I’ll grease if if I ever use it, except, I’ll probably forget to. You can’t fit the flex shaft in the case with rotary tool, it’s too long.