Jellyfin finally moved to Podman on Orange Pi 5

The below should work for Docker too.

You have to edit more then what probably outdated instructions say.

Below is the SQL you can use for some of it.

UPDATE TypedBaseItems SET
    Path = replace(Path, '/oldpath/', '/newpath/')
    Path LIKE '/oldpath/%';

You need to do so for mediastreams as well.

You can use sqlitebrowser to edit it. After you run the SQL for every folder, you need to go to Browse Data and select the TypedBaseItems table. I’d recommend searching for the paths you did, and checking the Path, but also data. Now you could modify the SQL to do data too. But you don’t have to manually edit that much most likely. Unless you have a shitload of folders.

I had to put a slash at the end, or it modifies the wrong thing, probably because the original path is /media/movies, and then the folder that is in the library, one is movies. And it will edit movies_whatever also.

Once you get the database edited, you need to edit some files.

The files you need to edit are in root/default/*.

You need to edit all options.xml files, and .mblink files.

And after editing the .mblink files, you need to remove the newline, or Jellyfin won’t be happy. Or edit it in a way, that doesn’t add a newline, if you use nano, enjoy a newline.

tr –delete ‘\n’ < root/default/xxx/harry_assholes.mblink > root/default/xxx/

Well, I don’t have to use Channels DVR for all non recorded stuff if I don’t want to now. But the subscription for the better Jellyfin client, is canceled, not sure I want to un cancel it. Doesn’t expire yet. Need to see if the other app works right or not, I think it might, after I changed a setting. It ain’t a pretty app though, but it must have been a one time fee.

And there’s a bunch of stuff not marked as watch, at least for the TV Shows. I had to remove one library, because I have all that stuff in Channels DVR. After removing it, it added a lovely newline to the Path in the database, because the .mblink had a newline in it. I guess my guess was right, that file needed the newline removed.

podman run -d --group-add keep-groups --env TZ=America/Los_Angeles -v /home/ass/jellyfin:/config -v /home/ass/jellyfin/cache:/cache -v /media/big_ass/penis:/media/PENIS -v /media/big_ass/xxx:/media/XXX -v /media/big_ass/more_xxx:/media/more_xxx --label io.containers.autoupdate=registry --name jellyfin --net=host

You can generate a systemd service file, and never have to mess with it again, hopefully. I’m to lazy to lookup the command to make the systemd file, even too lazy to SSH into the Orange Pi 5 again.

I’m too lazy to check Jellyfin on desktop, and see if it too, has a bunch of unwatched/unwashed stuff.

Probably got messed up when I removed the library I don’t need. That probably means, not everything was edited. Marking stuff as watched isn’t that hard. Not sure why I don’t want to do that in Channels DVR, add the folders, and then mark all of it as watched.

All shows marked as watched, who cares about the movies.

Oh and my mom thinks I have full blown diabetes. Or at least that’s what it sounded like she thinks. In that case, I shouldn’t go to doctor, I don’t want to get diabetes, if you don’t get diagnosed, you won’t get it.

But if I do get diagnosed with it, I’ll move to a nursing home or something. I’m too lazy/stupid to manage anything. Only $60 a month, I’ll be canceling lots of bills.