Released within 3-5 business days

That’s why Walmart sucks. I learned my lesson, I won’t order any tool related stuff from them anymore. They don’t actually have protective glasses or goggles, or magnetic screwdrivers.

So you get to pay twice, until that “temporary” hold is gone. They really can’t update their shitty site and say they don’t have it? They still have it at the store, according to their site.

No idea how they had the rotary tool.

But don’t want their shitty magnetic screwdriver kit anyways. Doesn’t look like it has small enough bits, like the one I have. I threw one bit away, it broke, trying to get a nozzle out of a heat block. Then bent another one trying the same thing. No idea what bits they are, even if it says where it was/is. And I don’t know if you can buy bits that fit it. Also the magnet on it might not be that great.

So I ordered a shitty kit from Amazon instead.

Why does Walmart say it’s for electronics? Do they mean appliances? The kit on Amazon was cheaper as well.

And if the flex thing I bought for rotary tool doesn’t work with this rotary tool, I’ll regret buying the Walmart brand. No idea when I bought it, so may or may not be able to return it.

Don’t know if I’ll bother renewing Walmart+ next year, well it will auto renew I think, if I don’t cancel it. You can’t get good potatoes from them. Probably lots of other food you can’t get either. Paying for Safeway is a better deal, you get way better food choices.

Just don’t buy non food stuff anymore, like toilet paper. If the republicans get their way, everything will cost too much anyways, and there will be massive lines at every food bank. Don’t worry, they will blame the democrats, because Trump is the chosen one. Yet, Trump doesn’t believe Americans should have free will. So no idea what God chose him, clearly not the one I believe in.