Replaced fan on Orange Pi Zero 2 case

And the new fan appears to be silent, not even noise when first turning on the Zero 2, like with the old fan. The dishwasher is running though, but you’d be able to hear the noise the other fan was randomly making. Didn’t seem to be making it as much. Maybe it just needed oil or something.

The case is eleUniverse Orange Pi Zero 2 Case N500, Metal Case with 5V 3010 Cooling Fan and 4pcs Aluminum Heatsinks & Antenna. The metal part is fine, but the fan is junk. Just 3D print a case instead, no point in buying that case. Well, I didn’t have a 3D printer when I bought it. And the 3D printer is waiting for parts.

Did the temperature go up? Not sure, it had a slight load after booting, so might need to wait a while to check again. Don’t know what the temperature was with the old fan right after booting. Might have increased by three degrees. Not enough to care.

The new fan has a long ass cable. I’m too lazy to do anything about that, like cut it and make it smaller. Just decreased one degree.

The replacement fan is a WINSINN 30mm Fan 5V, it came with five. You’ll have fun getting the fan out, they wrap all the cables for every fan together. You could just cut it and solder it back, after making it smaller. That brand of little fans seems fine, I think the same brand I have for the 3D printer, I broke a fan in the hotend. And they give you more then one, so you can just replace it, when it dies eventually. Hopefully not once a month.

And went back up to 37C, think the old fan was 34C before I shut it down. The load is only 26%.

The cable being so long, probably isn’t good for airflow. I had issues putting the case back together, the cable kept getting in the way of the USB port. Might be in the way, by the time I need to plug printer into it. Maybe then I’ll make the cable shorter. Probably not though, I’ll just move it out of the way, and plug printer in. It being plugged in, should prevent cable from getting in the way, good idea, plug the cable in, even though it isn’t plugged into printer.

Not sure the new screwdriver set has a stronger magnet. But at least I have all the bits, I don’t think any came broken.

The digital level thing works with rechargeable batteries, even though it says 1.5v on the back. My rechargeable AAA batteries are probably 1.2v. I save the non rechargeable batteries for stuff that won’t work with the rechargeable batteries. I plan on putting that on every corner of the printer, to make all corners match. That’ll be a while, I think the parts are coming from Canada. Hard to say though, the tracking is confusing. I don’t think USPS has it yet.

The magnetic screwdriver set is just a cheapo XOOL branded one. Don’t know what cheapo brand the old one is.

No tweezers today, she accidentally shipped them to Best Buy. Should have given her an Amazon link, they have the same ones. Comes with three different ones, some angled. Apparently if you ship it to Best Buy, instead of your home, it takes forever. They finally told her a little after 6 PM, that there was a delay. If she can’t pick it up tomorrow, I may just order it on Amazon, and she can get her $10 back.

I’ll remember that, and avoid buying anything from Best Buy, as if you accidentally ship it to the store, you’ll be waiting a long time. I don’t go inside stores very much anymore, too many people. More then 0, is too many.

Don’t bother with Scrypted NVR, the adaptive bitrate streaming, doesn’t work with the “local” stream, or maybe it does if it’s not transcoding. Not really local when you are at your mom’s. You get two days free, so I canceled it.

The 2000 kb/s must be hardcoded, so good luck changing it. Well, there is one way, not a great way though. Make a ffmpeg wrapper. And change it to 1000 kb/s.

And don’t bother trying to do cameras in Homebridge, I couldn’t get any video on my phone using it. Finally got Scrypted working again. Had to restart it, and reset the HomeKit again.