Scrypted might be fixed finally

After 12 AM, but I think the bitrate is 1000 kb/s now. I had to copy the ffmpeg folder, rename ffmpeg, and make a script to modify the bitrate in the arguments. And then run the real ffmpeg with the modified bitrate.

Easier then modifying their source code.

cat ffmpeg
testy="${testy/-b:v 2000000/-b:v 1000000}"
testy="${testy/-maxrate 2000000/-maxrate 1000000}"
exec /server/node_modules/ffmpeg-static/ffmpeg.real $testy

When calling the real ffmpeg, don’t put quotes around it, or it will say unknown command or something. I use Podman, and put that folder on the host in ~/.scrypted/, and mounted that folder to /server/node_modules/ffmpeg-static.

I’m too lazy to try using Home Assistant, and say Agent DVR. Some article said you have to buy some Zigbee crap if you use Home Assistant, no idea why you need that for Home Kit. Probably bad info, and I should block that site on my DNS server. I’d have to find that site though, too much work.

Stream #0:0: Video: h264, yuvj420p(pc, progressive), 1280x720, q=2-31, 1000 kb/s, 30 fps, 90k tbn

That’s on the WiFi network, and the firewall rule is enabled, so even forcing it, when not needed. Fine with me, as long as it works remotely, without using shitty stream. You may need to modify the source, if you want it only for non local IPs. But it would do that, if they could. It sends it to the Apple TV. Which is local.

They should really add a max bitrate for local setting, so you don’t need that script. Maybe a plugin can be made to do it, but I’m lazy, so a bash script it is.

Looks like Comcast is too shitty for 1000 kb/s. Got some pauses, and packet loss according to Scrypted. The video did resume though, before it seemed to pause and not resume.

I lowered it to 800 kb/s. If you go too low, you might as well use stream 2. Thanks Comcast, for a 10 Mbps upload. Glad the government pays for my internet. If they didn’t, I’d probably switch to some kind of cell internet. Not hard to beat a 10 Mbps upload speed. Too bad T-Mobile doesn’t allow unattended usage, so not really a good substitute.