Thanks Comcast

My shitty internet was out all day. Still not working before I left. Perhaps if I rebooted the Raspberry Pi, it would have started working sooner.

I deleted the DDUID or whatever for IPv6, and that most likely changed my IPv6 addresses. Don’t know how to restart the network on the Raspberry Pi, you don’t with “systemctl restart network”. Too lazy to figure it out without internet, so rebooted it, and lots of other stuff.

The Apple TV didn’t need rebooting.

Two shows didn’t record with Channels DVR, both on a TV Everywhere channel. Luckily, I have all my shows saved in Philo. For that very reason.

No idea when the internet came back, I was gone for a while.

It does make you want to cancel it, but T-Mobile Home Internet, has no bridge mode. Not a business, so probably can’t get a small business plan, that lets you replace modem. TDS may never be available. Thought they already did what they needed, apparently not. They didn’t show up last time.

The internet seemed fine on my phone when I got home, oddly. Should have tried more stuff though. As it’s using the same DNS server, the Raspberry Pi. Perhaps everything I accessed was cached somewhere. Or it was using some other DNS server.

Oh and HomeKit apparently works with broken internet. Lots of stuff wouldn’t load, or only sometimes. Probably lots of packet loss or something, except pinging Google was fine, from some devices, not so much my desktop.

My desktop still can’t ping Google, yet my phone can. I can ping IPv4 Google. Does my outgoing firewall block pinging on IPv6 or something? Yes it does, I just disabled it temporally.

The firewall, doesn’t even list ping in it.

Surprised it works at all. It doesn’t list ping anywhere, even under the local rule. Not a very good outgoing firewall.

For IPv6 ping, you have to do this. Don’t know where that json file is though, you can’t do it with the GUI? Apparently not. Found the new rule button. It’s by the settings button. Don’t ask me how to do it with the GUI. I put ipv6-icmp for the protocol, but ping still doesn’t work.

Adding that to /etc/opensnitchd/system-fw.json doesn’t fix it. I needed a comma, ping works now, with IPv6. Add it to “SystemRules”. Hmm, I added it to another rule sort of. It may have messed that rule up.

Every time I restart opensnitch, it messed up my network shares, but assuming they start working, it should be fine now. Maybe kill Dolphin, and reopen it. No idea why that breaks my shares, guess I can just disable it, when I want to ping IPv6. Looks like it takes a long ass time to reconnect to network shares, after changing opensnitch.