3D printer might be fixed

I replaced the part with the other gear on it, and the gear that goes on motor, for the extruder. I just used the bottom piece that came with other extruder. I’m guessing, they are exactly the same.

Put filament back in as well. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try printing.

Gears move, so I assume it’s right. Move together that is.

Not sure the motor was bad or not, still won’t print. Checked the E steps, and it was wrong. Must have reset it. Not digging other motor out of trash though. This motor might be better anyways, pretty sure it works, as it was moving the filament. Just nothing coming out yet. It’s heating up again now.

If it still won’t print, maybe there’s a clog in the tube. And I’ll just pay $15 for the direct drive bracket, which uses this extruder and motor.

Lost some filament, as I was trying to push it in more, while messing with it, it broke off. Had to rotate the printer to get the filament back in. I wonder if the hole is in a different spot on the bottom piece that came with new extruder. Cause it’s a real pain to get the filament in.

And it’s finally printing. Looks like the Z offset is right so far. Will it skip and miss part of the print if the E steps is wrong? It will stop printing completely, so probably.

I think the only thing I’m good at is setting the Z offset, but it took a long ass time to figure that out. Maybe not good at setting Z offset, doesn’t look very good so far. Perhaps the temperature isn’t right.

Going to wait for it to finish, so I can decide what to do. But it’s pretty close to the bed, the nozzle, so hard to believe the Z offset isn’t good enough.

The skirt circle looks perfect though. Or not, just part of it. Calibrating the E steps is too much work. Do you have to do so with direct drive? If not, that’s well worth $15. Looks like that might be too much work. Somebody said to calibrate the E steps, might as well keep what I have then.

And it might be looking better anyways.

Takes a long ass time to print a gunk stopper apparently, over an hour. Maybe two hours or more total.

I may have reset it, after it stopped printing. As it wouldn’t print at all, with the E step wrong now. It just stopped printing last time. So the motor is probably dead anyways.

Looks like a little over an hour to print. 18 minutes left.

It’s possible the first layer is worse as well. Is the nozzle too close? I doubt it. More like the temperature might be too low I guess.

Print Time: 00:54:54, didn’t even take an hour. Nice estimates.

Nothing on nozzle, so I’d reckon, the Z offset must be right. But the print isn’t very good at all. Warping possibly? Waiting for it to cool down before taking a picture and removing it.

Looks like stringing, as the center hole, should be a hole, nothing should be there. At least the nozzle is clean.

Photo of print.