Maybe that'll fix games stuttering in Linux

The script from here, I changed it to 5 for the compute profile.

Now the clock speed is at the max while playing Wurm Online and Guild Wars 2. If you don’t play new games, or only new games, perhaps that script will work for you.

I have systemd to run it at boot. After network though, too lazy to lookup what it can start after.

I found out the core clock looked low, because I enabled it to be shown in MongoHud. You can change that with GOverlay. Make sure not to use Steam Tinker Launch’s MangoHud config, or you won’t see it.

Not sure I’ll keep playing Wurm Online though, I revoked myself from the village I was in. Don’t think I can undo that myself. Nothing like testing the /revoke command. And then logging off.

You talk to yourself in the Alliance chat, so not sure there’s any point in being in it. I can go make myself a starter shed. And then let it decay, cause I’m not paying for a deed. Unless somebody gives me money, I’ll call it “Harry Ass Farmers”. If they don’t allow “Ass”, I’ll use Donkey.

On another note, some movies require downloading a shit ton of subtitles, until you find the right ones. Changing the time offset, is too much work. And I should have looked for that movie on Netflix or something, it’s old. I’ve seen some of it, not sure all of it before. Worth watching again anyways.

I can only hear it, if I have subtitles on. Or I mean hear what they say. I’ll be rewinding a lot otherwise, I require hearing every single word.

Might not fix Wurm Online, I think the Steam Deck stutters too with that game, but it’s worse then my desktop. Steam Deck should already be using the right profile, well maybe not compute.