Might have gotten scammed on eBay

I ordered a drum for my printer on eBay, seller I think I bought toner from in the past. If they don’t ship tomorrow, I’m canceling it. Didn’t see anything about handling, and they haven’t shipped it yet.

One feedback says they sell stuff they don’t actually have. They have an eBay store though.

I sent a message earlier today. If it’s not shipped tomorrow, I’ll see about canceling it, or disputing it. I won’t wait weeks for them to ship it.

Pretty sure I need a new drum, the tracking label I printed, was missing stuff in bar code. Still good enough, as I got a refund already. Also it’s leaving ink in other places of paper. Like where I’m not printing, I print on half a sheet of label paper, two labels per paper.

If you barely use your printer, apparently you need a drum sooner, as the drum might age without printing too. Drums do have a shelf life.

It’s too late to cancel this order. Please contact the seller to see if you can work something out.It’s too late to cancel this order. Please contact the seller to see if you can work something out.

eBay is a dick. So I’ll dispute it. I’m not waiting for shipping estimate either, if I have to go to my credit union, so be it. Then I’ll get banned from PayPal and eBay though, so maybe not.

I see why they don’t respond or ship it, they don’t have to.

Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment.

Apparently you can’t see that on the shitty eBay app, thanks eBay. I think I’ll avoid eBay from now on, it’s worse then Amazon.

Seller can’t even respond with the above though.

I think I ordered Saturday, so four days to ship, if you order on the weekend. Now to check app, and see if they just added that.

The eBay app, does say handling time, if you tap the right think. Thought that would show return info only the other day.

So order on Friday instead, then they should ship it by Tuesday. If not, dispute it. Ignore the “usually” part.

Dear buyer It’s really sorry that usually our local supplier ship out the drum unit. Please give us a moment asking for the update info. We will be back soon. Thank you.

What does that mean? Their supplier probably doesn’t have it. But they didn’t state the obvious, usually ships in two days. Well today almost over.

But doesn’t sound like they speak English great. So perhaps they personally aren’t in the US. Yet, it’s all supposed to be made in the US or something. Well, it just says American. Maybe not made in the US then. But their toner is fine.

Good thing I don’t print much. If the 3D printer is fixed soon, I’ll print more with that, until it breaks again. Or I run out of filament, and have no money for more.

And shouldn’t they send an update without asking anything? Maybe I should ask who local supplier is.

Not scammed I guess, they shipped it. Won’t take long either. Just like I thought. It’s coming from California.

But it’s not USPS first class, so not the cheapest shipping. UPS instead.

Probably shipped earlier today or yesterday, but nobody put tracking into eBay. Looks like label made yesterday.

Weird way they run eBay account, if they don’t know what’s going on. Good reason not to ship by a supplier.

Fucking fly in here, possibly more then one. Saw one in laundry room too. There’s a fly problem.