Sceptre 27-inch E275B-QPD168

Looking at reviews on a different ViewSonic, I was going to get a ViewSonic, not sure photos will look good, without messing with it. And no eye care on the IPS model I found that’s on my wishlist.

But is any cheaper monitor really going to be better then the one I have? A higher refresh rate, but the picture might look worse.

But the Sceptre has two DisplayPort ports. That is the main reason to get it. Reviews seem good for it, except it died after six months for one person, guess they didn’t ask for warranty service.

There might be some weird flickering with my Pixio. Not sure it has backlight bleed or what it is, you need the right color for it to show.

Maybe if I get a new one, I should keep this one for a while after, in case it looks way worse. Or dies. I have an old BenQ, I think it’s 1440p, but no FreeSync. I won’t part with that one. BenQ are the best monitors I’ve seen, the picture quality. Even cheap refurbished ones. But I only want IPS or VA, no TN or whatever. And BenQ is like $400 for a new one with FreeSync, or $319 refurbished. If I pay $319, perhaps I’ll never need a new monitor.

The Acer on my wishlist could work, if you get a good one. But I don’t want to return 4 or more times.

Is the Sceptre really an Acer? That is the same panel. If so, I guess it could work. doesn’t have my Pixio. According to that site, the Sceptre is somehow better then ViewSonic. But it’s comparing specs. Not many reviews on the ViewSonic. Well, probably not on Sceptre either.

How many bits is this panel? As the Sceptre is 10. Probably the same, or less. Says ViewSonic is 8. So the Sceptre wins. It’s 10 bits, don’t get under 10 bits, that might mean Sceptre, no idea what Acer is. Is it true 10 bits? Cause mine is 8 bit + FRC.

The HDR might be semi useless on my Pixio.

But is Pixio really a great brand? Cause Sceptre isn’t. So going from one cheapo brand to another. According to that site, Acer is worse then Sceptre and ViewSonic. Good to know, cause I don’t want to send it back four times.

But they should compare the actual picture. And only the Sceptre is 10 bit, from the Acer Nitro XV272U V 27", Sceptre E275B-QPD168 27", and ViewSonic Omni VX2718-2KPC-MHD 27".

Not sure the ViewSonic is the exact same model, ViewSonic Omni VX2728J-2K according to Amazon, no PC-MHD. And the Acer is Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx on Amazon. only has the Acer.

Says it has a one year warranty, so six months, I assume is covered. Need to find an adapter to plug Mac mini in by DisplayPort, think you use the Thunderbolt/USB C port. If it has to many bad pixels, send it back, I’ll use the Staples option, they pack and send it back. Cheaper to use HDMI, either a cable or adapter needed. I think I’ll just keep HDMI for the Mac mini. Until I decide to spend money on expensive adapter.

You can get the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q refurbished for $250 on eBay, but you are playing the lottery. Two different panels, apparently one is better.

So I think buying a new Sceptre from Amazon is better. Less, and easier to return. I don’t want a green tint, and don’t want to have to mess with settings to make it look right.

Not real 10 bit, the BenQ, it has FCR or whatever too. I’m guessing the Sceptre does too. What panel does the Sceptre use though? Samhung? That means you get a Samhung for way cheaper.

That doesn’t answer what panel Sceptre uses, just that they are US company and manufactured in China, like almost everything.

The Sceptre might not have picture in picture, bummer. Don’t use it much anyways though. Do they have a more expensive model with flicker free?

Hmm the Sceptre says the backlight life is 30,000+ hours. Only 1250 days. So it might last around 3 years, like this one. Except, I think the backlight is still working.

At least with that one, I could get a DisplayPort adapter for Mac mini.

How does the Sceptre score one more then BenQ? According to a BenQ fanrobot, like myself, that isn’t possible. Well, that sells it. Who cares about USB ports on monitor. It’s brighter and better contrast.