3D printers a massive pain in the ass

Now OctoPrint can’t do the bed leveling, so it craps out.

Perhaps I should put some other firmware on it again.

Somebody said to run an auto level on the printer itself first. Well, I’m done messing with it for today.

Tried printing with PrusaSlicer, and the nozzle I think was touching the bed. Possibly because I was trying to print 0.02 or is it 0.2? Well, either way, apparently you get to mess with the Z offset a lot. Different temperatures too. While trying to set the Z offset correctly, it appeared to be too far away.

So no idea what PrusaSlicer did.

Nozzle could be clogged as well. You have to heat up the nozzle to fix that, then use the needle and hope you don’t burn yourself. Might just change the nozzle instead.

Putting different firmware on it, is probably a good idea. But not the custom firmware I was using, you have to pay now to get latest version, or I can’t find free download link. I have an old version, but I’ll pass.

It’s only a good idea, if you want to monkey around with it even more. I’ll continue using stock firmware. Klipper is most likely the biggest pain in the ass firmware. And it might not support screens, so good luck adjusting offset if the computer isn’t by it. I’d rather not use a tablet or my phone. Or even a computer. Using the screen is convenient.

Or just use the version of that other third party firmware I already have. No monkey around needing with that. Except for unscrewing LCD screen to put micro SD card in to flash it.