Around 95% sRGB on ViewSonic Omni VX2728J-2K after calibrating

Was it 95.3%? Perhaps, don’t recall what DisplayCAL said. Just know it was 95.something.

And I think that is the same as the old monitor, at least 95%. Might only be advertised as 93%.

I used an old Huey Pro, that’s all I have. Seems to work fine, so no need to upgrade it. Apparently you need a newer one for HDR, I have that turned off though.

And I can see colors I couldn’t before calibrating, and possibly not on other monitor either, nice. Clearly should have calibrated that one too.

Had to adjust brightness and contrast on monitor to get the RGB what DisplayCAL wanted. Adjusting just RGB wouldn’t work. I needed more whatever then I could have, it was already 100 for some.

If I ever get a new device for calibrating, it has to be compatible with DisplayCAL, or I’ll be limited to using the Mac software, unless there is none, then it might be useless.