Bad toner

Looks like the toner I have in my printer is no good. Tried the other one, it has the same problem. You’d have to clean the drum after every print, to not get any marks, or very little marks.

Easier to buy a new drum and toner, from somebody else. No idea who the toner was bought from, possibly the same seller that sent the wrong drum.

Will just a bad drum cause toner to be on the white roller things? Or is that from a bad toner? They probably barely do anything to this toner, except refill it. So it sucks.

Cartridge World doesn’t say what they have on their site. Don’t really want to go there either.

I used a dry cloth to clean the drum.

Well, the toner from the drum manufacture on my wish list, may or may not be better, it’s a lottery apparently. So maybe just replace drum and hope that fixes it. I’ll wait till next month though.

The print quality is good enough till then. And since I barely print, maybe it’s good enough forever.

And it was bought from the same seller that shipped wrong drum.

How is Staple’s re manufactured toner for around $50? Looks like overpriced junk. Just like the cheap stuff.

Somebody said to shake the bag a ton though with the toner in it. Then clean it.

You are supposed to shake the toner? Not rock it back and forth? Well, that could explain the problem then. Too bad neither are in the bag anymore, and I’m too lazy to vacuum seal them just shake em. Make a mess instead, over garbage can. And possibly hands.

Actually, I think I should retire it, and just use the other printer, no toner in that printer. Slow as fuck, but who cares. And third party ink should be fine, at least for printing text. There’s no drum. You can’t buy the official maintenance cartridge though, at least not last time I looked.

The drum should be $10, maybe then it’s worth replacing. The printer is ancient.

Might be mostly fixed, you have to shake the toner. I used the toner I was originally using, that wasn’t in the printer. I still have the bag from the other toner, and the plastic thing that goes on it, which collects toner while shaking it. That’s good news, perhaps I should vacuum seal it though, not sure it will last otherwise, the other one. But I’m lazy.

Cleaning the drum is a pain, the roller thing doesn’t move easily. So if using a dry cloth, faster then using paper, you might not get it all. Drum is light sensitive, so you can’t have lots of light.

So I think I’ll shake the toner some more in the future, and clean the actual toner too, and replace drum. Didn’t clean the toner itself after shaking it, too lazy. Should do one more print, just to see if it’s worse yet. Two prints perfect I think, not the first one, but two after it. Last one had a little dot.

I’d order a drum from the same seller, but I don’t exactly trust them. I did get a refund, but no shipping info until I asked for it. And they shipped the wrong one. Maybe not have gotten any shipping info if I didn’t ask, I guess it would just show up. Also, they might be mad, at me, for opening the wrong thing and trying to use it.

User error, brilliant.

Oh use corectrl to increase the power usage on a AMD GPU in Linux, if it’s being power throttled, I’m using a new enough kernel with patch that fixes throttling info in MangoHUD. Was limited to 100w, now 120w. I use a AMD 6600 XFX. Still says power throttling, but not at 100w or less. I can use 120w or close to 120w now. Thanks for the throttling, whoever throttled it. That will reduce stuttering as well. Or at least it seems smoother, like her ass.

The print I just did, three little dots. Too lazy to try cleaning drum anymore. Easier to replace it, it’s ancient, never been replaced. If you use something wet, it would be easier to wipe up. Now I have a wash cloth, that needs washing, but probably by itself, so I’ll leave it dirty forever.

Does Cartridge World sells drums too?