Cosori Pro Gen 2 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer, 12-in-1, Walmart Exclusive Bonus, Light Gray

Pizza might fit in that better. I got it today, well she didn’t drop it off yet. That is leftover slices of pizza.

I like that brand, same brand I think as my food dehydrator. And the thing I gave my mom.

Claims you can scan bar codes of some frozen food, and it knows how to cook it. Probably not everything.

You can do more complicated cooking, different temperatures for different amounts of time.

The Instant Pot Air Frying lid, is very basic, you have to set it to half the time, if you need to shake. You can’t pause on my Instant Pot. It came with the lid, but it’s small, and very basic.

Maybe this one can cook small pizzas better. But my oven couldn’t cook it very well either, so I won’t buy anymore.

How long till it gets hacked? It most likely requires a connection to their server to work. So blocking it from the internet, probably won’t work. That’s how it’ll be setup at first, until I unblock it. Or did I get rid of my block? No idea. If it downloads the firmware from the internet, not your phone, then it can’t be blocked either.

I put the air frying lid for Instant Pot in a cupboard, so hopefully there’s enough room on the counter for it. The Instant Pot is too tall, and I’m too lazy to try and move the shelf up. Can it go in cupboard sideways? The air fryer will probably be used more often, especially if it does a good job.

I ordered some silicone liners for it from Walmart, for shipping, I have Walmart+ so the shipping is free and one day faster then Amazon, and $0.99 cheaper then what I canceled on Amazon.

I think my Instant Pot air frying basket is around 3 qt, a little under 4 qt. So even 4 qt would be slightly bigger. If I can fit three slices of pizza in it, I’ll be a happy not as fat of a fat ass.

Yes, I bought that over Ninja, and even PowerXL. PowerXL only has a 90 day warranty, this one I think is two years. Some people say the Ninja air fryers aren’t that great, so you may just be paying for the brand.

And dedicated Instant Pot Air Fryers, might not be so good either. Once again, paying for the brand. Well, I’m probably paying for this brand too, only $10 off. At least everything I’ve owned from them, has been fine.

And it fits where I planned on storing it when not in use. Can’t run test run yet, baskets and crap in dishwasher. I put the inner basket on the top rack, maybe the handle won’t break that way, like it did for somebody else. Not enough room in dishwasher for the other basket on top too, with the other accessory thing it came with. Too tired to clean by hand. Got up early because of stomach hurting, had to shit apparently. Maybe I was constipated and it finally came out.

The preheating worked, one more test run to do, after the baskets cools down. Can’t connect to WiFi yet, because baskets have to be in machine. Power button does nothing without baskets. Handle didn’t break off in dishwasher.

It has a steak setting, if the steak will fit in your air fryer, it can probably cook it, even without a steak option.

My Instant Pot doesn’t even have a preheating function like this one. Guess it heats up then starts cooking. Not much different then manually preheating.

Might have a new smell, probably the reason for testing it. And to know if you need to return it.

Second test run finished. Letting the baskets cool for thirty minutes, then I’ll connect to WiFi. Do they need to be washed again already? Nothing was in it. Might have burned some kind of residue off though. Well, if the food tastes funny whenever I use it, then I’ll be able to tell you, yes it needs to be washed again.

Need to setup the WiFi, so I can see if it knows how to cook one little pizza I have left, that don’t cook right in oven either. My oven isn’t very old. So I doubt it’s broken already. You can’t get it very hot without burning it, even in the oven.

Then I need to go to store, and scan frozen stuff, to see what it can cook. Then buy everything it can cook, without me having to think or read.

It appears as though a waffle maker thing behind it doesn’t matter, doubt there’s five inches between them. I’m too lazy to find somewhere to put the waffle iron or maker whatever it is. I don’t even use it. I think I need a fly trap though.

Every time a fly flies by me close to my face, I get pissed. I try to make sure there’s no food on the floor or counter. But the flies won’t leave. Guess I should clean the sink out faster. But I doubt that’ll work either. The flies moved in.

It requires internet access, or it’ll say to change DNS server. Which wouldn’t fix it, in my case. It’s updating firmware now. Says updating firmware failed, but there’s no way to attempt again, so probably a buggy app. That network is also throttled, so updates may take longer, depending how big it is.

Said 360F for six minutes for that little pizza. How cold will it be? The stuffed pizza things, that are like little hot pockets, no cooking information, perhaps because I unplugged the Air Fryer. I’m not leaving it plugged in, not enough room, and bad idea anyways. Anything with WiFi + heat = bad to leave plugged in.

The stuffed pizza things have instructions though for the air fryer. That app is a good way to get calories, to enter into my fitness pal though. Use the free fitness pal, and the free VeSync. Well, VeSync might keep track of your calories too. In other words, don’t pay for my fitness pal. I’m still too lazy to keep track, even if I can scan my food. I don’t eat breakfast anymore apparently, so lost two pounds. Maybe I have a bad case of IBS, from not enough fiber. IBS can make you lose weight. So can not taking Zyprexa anymore.