Hopefully goodbye flies soon

I bought some kind of fly trap from Walmart. They get stuck to it. I think.

But I think a spider may have eaten some of them, some starved, cause there’s nothing in sink for them anymore. As I don’t feel all itchy like bugs are all over me anymore. I actually slept great last night, I was also really tired.

That was one reason I couldn’t fall a sleep the day before. Kept feeling like bugs were crawling on me.

I won’t kill spiders anymore, they might bite me, but that’s better then flies.

There was a bug that looked like a spider, but skinny, never seen a spider like that, should have let them live. If any bugs landed there, they might have eaten them. Do they allow pet spiders? They allow birds, I’m talking about a bigger spider. You have to let them loose though. But might solve the fly problem. They’ll be my friend, simply for getting rid of annoying flies. Even though I might not like how they look. Can you teach them not to go on beds though? Cause they don’t need to be on bed while I’m sleeping, I might rollover on them, and then they might bite me. I could close the door, and let em loose in the other room. But that won’t get rid of flies in my room while I’m sleeping.

I’ll say they are an emotionally support spider. Birds live in cages, so what’s the problem? Might keep all bugs out of my apartment. Assuming they don’t escape, from where the AC is. Damn, won’t work then, can’t leave them out while sleeping, or not paying attention to them. Unless they are like a dog, and go everywhere I go.

Get a cage with holes, so flies can fly in there. They seem to be pretty stupid, so that might work. Or get one of those light fly trap things, so you don’t have to keep buying the sticky fly traps. Except, a ten pack is under $3, how much is the light fly trap thing?

$18 for whatever that fly trap is. So that is a light and sticky things that you have to keep buying? Might as well pay under $3 for whatever I bought. Unless it has poison, in that case, I might get poisoned soon. What I bought has no insecticides, so might be fine.

Is a bug zapper like a mini Tesla coil? That’s what it reminds me of.