I can print without a driver from Linux

sudo lpadmin -p Canon_G620_Everywhere -E -v "ipp://xxx/ipp/print" -m everywhere

Install the OpenPrinting stuff in openSUSE. And then run the above command. Easier then trying to find the everywhere driver.

Might still need the driver for the scanner, but don’t use it.

I remembered why it’s so fucking slow to access the printer QoS was limiting it, turned that off, cause it’s annoying. I only need to throttle internet connections, not local. How do I in OpenWRT tell it that the other subnet is local?

I printed a test page without issues. Except, I selected wrong paper on printer, looks like it used the print settings from computer so it worked anyways.

See this for more info.

My Canon printer has a Linux driver, just seeing if it works. Might buy a Pantum laser printer for documents, the Canon photo printer too fucking slow. Maybe not in grayscale mode, no idea. The Pantum printer the toner and drum is one thing, and cheaper then Brother. Currently $45 for the OEM one. Does less pages then the toner + drum setup, the drum can last 12,000 pages, and over 2k for the toner. But it’s more expensive if you barely ever print. You might be replacing the drum before 12k pages. I’d rather pay $45 for toner + drum, and OEM.

But I might get the third party drum, and see if it works, it might destroy the printer as well. Fine with me, it’s ancient.

The Pantum is smaller, so will fit on the shelf better anyways.

There’s even ipp-usb, so you can access web interface and use IPP Everywhere over USB. The hotspot needs to be disabled, I’ll look at manual before I buy it, if I ever do.

I could test ipp-usb with my Canon printer and the Orange Pi Zero 2. Share it with Samba or something. On it’s VPN IP of course.

Just noticed some unwanted marks on this print too, from the other printer. Never noticed with photo paper. Is this paper dusty or something? Probably no point in buying a new drum, if the other printer does the same thing.

Perhaps they both need to be dusted better. The tray on the laser printer is a little dusty on the inside. Doubt it’s OS/software, if the settings are right. How would the OS tell it to print random marks?