Laser & Inkjet Printer Cleaning Sheet (8.5 x 11) 10 Sheets

If you’ve never cleaned your printer, it may take an hour or longer to do it. I’d recommend cleaning the printer much more often.

I wasted some paper, because I didn’t realize you could reuse it as many times as you want. Just reuse until it’s super dirty looking. And do one side until it’s super dirty, then the other side. Three or four pieces used after doing it the right way. But two or more pieces wasted from not doing it right.

The paper with cleaning stuff on it, may work better, but you only get three pieces and costs more. But might be worth it, if you’ve never cleaned your ancient printer.

I used it on my laser printer. Oh and the Office Depot stuff, with cleaning stuff on it, may jam your printer, and may require complete disassembly to fix. If you’ve recently paid $500 for a printer, I wouldn’t recommend using the Office Depot paper. Now if you have a really old printer, who cares. Office Depot doesn’t seem to sell that paper on their site. I didn’t get the three pack Office Depot paper, didn’t want to pay that much for three pieces.

The brand of what I bought is Digital Nc. The ASIN is B014EVGYH8.

Somebody said thick paper will do basically the same thing. In that case, I need to find some paper about as thick as it. Might be cheaper.

Oh and the paper came with marks on it, like their printer was dirty, so they don’t even clean their own printer.

The cleaning stuff you do manually, not the paper method, is probably the best. There might be a kit on Amazon. Probably way faster.

Well the print test page from my computer, didn’t seem to have any marks on it. So it looks like no new drum needed, I needed to clean printer. I may decide to get the cleaning kit in the future, not the paper. As it’s a real pain in the ass doing the paper method with this paper.

I shredded a bunch of paper that was on printer, it’s easier to dispose of that way, and some stuff needed to be shredded.

Now if you use that after every print, you may not need to clean it manually with a cleaning kit. Even once a week might be enough. But I don’t use m printer that often, not even once a month. I use it randomly. So maybe once a year is enough for me.

Can’t imagine how bad your prints would be, if you’ve had your printer as long as me, and print a lot everyday. I think the prints would be unusable, and unreadable. And you would have cleaned it sooner, or paid somebody to.

I should tell my mom that she might want to clean her printer. Or in the future, she’ll think it’s broken. I said something about that once to her. She probably won’t though. I did scan the paper that I correctly used the first time, but I think iOS did something to make it look less dirty. Too lazy to use my printer with a scanner, and all I know, is it’ll do the same thing.

Well, I won’t be cleaning anybody’s never cleaned before printer with this paper. They can do it themselves or pay somebody, I won’t do it for money either.

Can I do the print function without a blank document and clicking print? I know if I click the button three times, it prints the self test page. But I don’t want to actually print something, just have the paper go through it. Now if the printer was on the desk, it might not be so bad. But also, I have to open a thing to put paper back in, and close it. Pretty sure you have to close it. I got a little sweaty from doing that.

Just imagine if somebody uses their printer more, never cleaned it, and wants me to clean it. I might have a heart attack. Either that, or have a lot more sweat.

And for some reason, the first time you use the paper, it may look pretty clean. That is why you have to do it a ton. Most likely more then 30 times for me, and way longer then 15 minutes. Somebody on Amazon said that’s how many times they had to do it, and how long it took.

How long to manually clean it with cleaning kit? Probably 15 minutes or less. Must better if you are cleaning many printers.