Lexar PLAY 1TB microSDXC

A little over 90 MB/s read average, according to f3read, and f3write said 28 MB/s I think.

No corruption or overwritten data. Need to copy the data from the card in Steam Deck to it now.

I use a Kingston card reader. Probably only USB 3.0.

Making an image of the partition, then I’ll resize it using Gparted. After putting it on the new card.

The read speed using dd, went under 28 MB/s, what the new card writes at. I wonder if it would read all 900 GB or so at 90 MB/s, or if it would slow way down. If not, then it’s way faster then the PNY card. Not the cheapest PNY card, supposed to be fast. Gaming class PNY card. Apparently Lexar might be better.

I don’t buy SanDick, nothing better, their stuff can die too, I have or had a flash drive from them, that has or had issues. Not to mention, most popular brand, more likely to get fake junk, you overpaid for.

And it probably won’t be done today. Still copying the partition to a drive, to restore to the new card. The drive it’s copying to, shouldn’t be the bottle neck. Under 20 MB/s though.

dd is probably safer/easier, as Linux has permissions, depending on how you copy the files, you may have issues. But it might be slower. I’ll know when I restore it, if it drops to under 20 MB/s, I guess using dd is slower.

Does a shitty micro SD card cause some games not to work on the Steam Deck if the game is on the card? Maybe that’s why Just Cause 3 works for some people on Steam Deck and not others, too bad nobody claimed that’s the case.

Probably not enough space on the Steam Deck for the game, so can’t try it that way.

7:30 PM, and still not done making backup from smaller card. Still need to reboot computer, easier then trying to restart stuff after updating, systemd doesn’t like being restarted, zypper ps -s, still says it’s using deleted files if you restart it.

It wrote the backup faster then it backed it up. Only went down to around 28 MB/s. But just as expected, Just Cause 3 still doesn’t work. You must need to win the lottery on what Steam Deck you get. I did restore the Steam Deck once, because of WiFi issues. That didn’t fix Just Cause 3.